Most Outrageous Celebrity Purchases

Most of the celebrities are insane and to prove that i have selected some of  the most outrageous purchases made by well known hollywood celebrities, let’s see what can you expect from them.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga might terrify us with some of her ghastly outfits. But when it comes to fighting her own fear, in this case, ghosts she splashed out $50,000 to get a ghost detector. A firm believer in ghosts, Gaga reportedly dropped $50,000 on electromagnetic field equipment and other ghost-detecting gear.

Mike Tyson

The former heavyweight boxer is known for his lavish spending (remember those Bengal tigers?), but the $2 million bathtub he purchased for his ex-wife Robin Givens may top the list of Tyson’s most outrageous purchases. Kind of helps explain how the guy ended up with $38 million in debt.

Beyonce Knowles

Leggings have become a firm fashion favourite with celebs over the last few years, but none have been fonder of the humble lycra sausage-holders than Beyonce. The singer wore a pair of gold, Balenciaga leggings in 2007 that were worth $100,000. And the singer’s elaborate spending doesn’t stop at clothes. She treated her husband, Jay-Z, to a $1.7 million Bugatti sports car for his 41st birthday.

Miley Cyrus

Justin Bieber isn’t the only teen in celebland who spends loads on their locks – Miley Cyrus has also been known to spend a bundle on her hair. The 18-year-old apparently blew $24,000 on hair extensions that were flown in directly to the singer from Italy.

Nicholas Cage

Nicolas Cage outbid Leonardo DiCaprio for a dinosaur skull. Cage who reportedly owns a jet, two yachts, three castles, two islands in the Bahamas, a fleet of about 50 cars, shelled out $276,000 for the fossil. Among his dozen or so mansions, one Bel Air home, purchased in 1998, features a billiard room with a 1955 Jaguar parked inside plus an array of shrunken heads.