Most Prolific Egg Cartons Innovations

Egg cartoons are used to protect the eggs, but this is the belief of past as people tried innovative ideas to create some delighting things with these cartons. May be you think it’s impossible but nothing is impossible and you will understand the same after reading this article. These beautiful creations are all egg cartons.

1) Egg Carton House –

This beautiful creation is designed by Australian studio Goldenhen which got it’s inspiration from the famous art of Howard Arkley’s Family Home: Suburban Exterior 1993.

Egg Carton House2) EggCubism:

The Art of Recycling Old Egg Cartons – this is an innovation of Dutch artist Enno de Kroon. Unused egg cartons are used in this art.

 EggCubism: The Art of Recycling Old Egg Cartons 3) Egg Carton Lamp –

It may be found in the discos some day because these are unique and awesome in looks. It is created by Federico Otero.

Egg Carton Lamp 4) Egg Carton Table –

You must want to buy them for your home sweet is made of egg cartons, flour paste, soil and seeds. It is designed by Atema’s architecture.

Egg Carton Table5)    Egg Carton Camera – all made of egg carton and water bottle. You must want to buy this for your naughty child.

 Egg Carton Camera6) Flower Lights from Recycled Egg Cartons –

“Twinkle Twinkle little star”, but this time these stars are made of egg cartons.

Flower Lights from Recycled Egg Cartons7) Footstool –

This is made of egg carton pulp and is colored with water based fabric-dye. This handmade creation is made by Inna Alesina.

Footstool 8) Space Invader Egg Carton Cup Costume –

Come and fulfill your dream of becoming a space invader. This new costume is made of egg cartons again.

Space Invader Egg Carton Cup Costume9) Toys  –

The egg cartons can entertain your babies too. These amazing stuffs are made for the same.

10) Decorative Egg cartons –

This decorative sort of thing is nothing else than the egg carton. Though simple in design but very attractive.

11) Egg Carton Couch-

An egg carton retaining wall around a tree can create a uniform look to a yard, enhance curb appeal and add depth and interest to a landscape.

Egg Carton Couch12) Sofa-

Even though it is possible to recreate this couch using egg cartons, it will be very difficult to have a seat without cracking them!


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