Most Terrifying Locations On Earth

Every Abandoned place has a story behind it, their are number of location on earth which are considered as the most terrifying places where something has happened in the past. Today in OddStuffMagazine we have brought such location which are haunted in their own way.

The stories behind may or may not be real but these areas are certainly considered as horrifying due to some reason. Let’s see which places have a name tag of haunted and terrifying places on earth.

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

Most Terrifying Locations On EarthBachelor’s Grove Cemetery is a small, abandoned cemetery in Chicago. It is well-known for its haunted stories and ghost sightings. There are countless reports of glowing balls, apparitions, squeaks, moans, groans and unexplained noises. According to a legend black magic and occult rituals were practiced in and around the graveyard, hence it is believed that the ghostly powers are severe here.

Monte Cristo

Most Terrifying Locations On Earth

Monte Cristo is a property located in the town of Junee, New South Wales. Built in 1885, this double story late Victorian manor is claimed to be Australia’s most haunted house, with reports of ghostly figures, strange lights, automatic turning on and off lights, invisible force fields, phantom sounds and animal mutilations. These are attributed to several tragic incidents in the property.

Bhangarh Fort

Most Terrifying Locations On Earth

Bhangarh Fort is known for its ruins where nobody dares to go after dark. Archaeological Survey of India has put up a signboard here stating, “Entering Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited.” It is regarded as the most haunted place in India and people who visit this place experience anxiety and restlessness. The legend says, a tantrik cursed the palace that everybody would die in the palace and their souls will stay there for centuries without rebirth.

The Screaming Bridge

Most Terrifying Locations On Earth

At least 36 people were reported dead on or around the Maud Hughes Road Bridge. Ghostly figures, mists, and lights have been seen, as well as black hooded figures and a phantom train. According to the legend, a man and woman were held up on top of the bridge while travelling on a car. At first the man got out to get help to save the woman but she died, later the man also died. Another story says a woman threw her baby off the bridge and then hanged herself.

Changi Beach

Most Terrifying Locations On Earth

People complain that they hear strange crying and screaming in the area. Sometimes, the heads of the Chinese dead bodies are seen flying and headless bodies walk around the beach. The scariest thing is that the ghosts leave blood stains. During nights people observed dug holes that appear as if they were used for burying bodies. Changi Beach in reality served as a killing ground as a part of the Sook Ching massacre by the Japanese during the World War II.

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