Most Unusual Car Parkings in the World

With changing rules in countries for parking spaces at home and office place, we gathered some of the finest and true masterpiece designs of the most unusual parking places around the world.

Lookout for some amazing architecture and engineering.

Autostadt – tower-parking in the industrial park of Volkswagen

In the German city of Wolfsburg opened a few years industrial park called the Volkswagen Autostadt , which is a whole city with office, museum and production space. But his most famous objects are the two former silos, which are now equipped with multi-level parking.


Each of these towers is 48 meters in height. This functional sixteen floors, which can be stored at the same time, four newly produced in the factory of Volkswagen cars

Volkswagen AG Announces 2009 Annual Results

At that cars get to the upper floors of towers is not a circular ramp, and a special lift. These lifts can deliver top and tourists who daily storming industrial park Autostadt..


1111 Lincoln Road – garde parking in Miami

The city of Miami in Florida has one of the most unusual in the world of parking. This seemingly technical building is a masterpiece of modern architecture, designed by the famous studio Herzog & de Meuron. And the creation of the complex has been spent 70 million US dollars.


Multi-level complex is 1111 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, he created in order to become a haven for motorists who came to rest on the world-famous beaches.


Interestingly, on the top floor of the parking 1111 Lincoln Road has four luxury apartments. Their owners did not bother with the neighborhood trusts cars. Moreover, this is considered an elite residential properties, each apartment are several million dollars.


Fietsflat – veloparking multilevel railway station in Amsterdam

Amsterdam – a bicycle capital of the world. Cars in this Dutch city every year becoming less space, but cyclists feel more comfortable and confident.


As evidence of this can result in the fact that next to the main railway station of Amsterdam Station Amsterdam Centraal, there is no road, namely bicycle multilevel parking – Fietsflat (Apartment bicycles).


On three floors of this building can simultaneously be two thousand two-wheeled vehicles.

KRE House – House for lovers of cars

In 2007, in Tokyo there was a house KRE House, built by the famous architect Takuya Tsuchida. This cottage is designed for people who really love cars. Others simply can not live in the house where cars are right in the middle of the living room.


The fact that the building KRE House equipped with a special elevator which leads from the living room on the first floor of the house, in the underground garage for several cars. And the owner of the property may from time to time raise the Inu favorite car or upstairs to admire it in moments of rest and relaxation.


Shinjuku Gardens – the greenest in the world parking

In a short time in Tokyo, you may receive the greenest in the world of car parking. And the word “green” in this case has two meanings at once. Firstly, parking Shinjuku Gardens will be quite harmless, it can clean the dirty from car exhaust air.


Secondly, the walls in this parking lot will be constructed from the living grass and shrubs. They will give Shinjuku Gardens incredibly beautiful visual design and become a natural filter between the interior of this two-level structures and polluted street.


Michigan Theatre – parking at this theater in downtown Detroit

Since the seventies of the twentieth century, the central part of Detroit is experiencing an unprecedented depopulation – people and companies relocate to the suburbs of this once bustling metropolis, the streets became almost deserted, and pyatidesyatietazhnye skyscrapers look at the few passers empty eye sockets of windows.

The Michigan Theatre was once a thriving place. Ironically it became a parking garage and a symbol for the decline of Detroit.

Empty, stopped working for its intended purpose, and the once famous theater Michigan Theatre in the heart of Detroit. In recent years, the walls of which were put before the best plays of the hottest playwrights, scene of the famous movie premiere, is a parking lot for cars of people who continue to work in a down-Town “automotive capital of America.” Some companies still hold offices in the city center.


However, even the first level of the parking lot is rarely completely filled with cars.

Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Structure – the brightest and most colorful in the world parking

Parking complex Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Structure is not only one of the most striking buildings in the US city of Santa Monica, but undoubtedly the most colorful garage on the planet!


Externally, the building looks more like a shopping center, designed by some good modern architect. The facade is decorated with colored glass parking lot, which at night are illuminated with bright lights, giving the construction of unimaginably beautiful appearance.


The energy for Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Structure is generated by solar panels installed on the roof and walls of the building. This parking lot is the first in the world structure of this kind, Certified International Green Building Council.

Bookstore parking lot of the Public Library in Kansas

This building, the exterior walls of which are stylized huge shelf with twenty-two books of famous authors, often called “the most beautiful library in the world.” It really is part of the Kansas City Public Library, Kansas City Public Library. But, in fact, this is not the reading rooms, and parking.


Parkhaus Engelenschanze – glass parking in Munster

Parkhaus Engelenschanze – this is another building, looking at that untrained people can hardly guess what role it performs.Outwardly, this seven-storey building is more like a modern office or shopping mall, maybe a big chain hotel, but certainly not on a parking lot.


Parkhaus Engelenschanze designed for three hundred sixty seats for cars. And inside of this building is not just a faceless multi-level parking, and a small conservatory with live trees, where motorists can walk, rest from the bustle of the big city.


Sinking Ship – Rotten underground parking in Seattle

One of the main attractions of the city of Seattle is a 38-storey tower Smith Tower, one of the first skyscrapers in the United States, celebrates in 2014 its centenary. But almost all the tourists who come to enjoy this facility, see another remarkable building – an unusual parking, nicknamed Sinking Ship, sinking ship.


The fact that apparently this multilevel parking looks like he partially fell through the ground. And visible part of the building sticking out of the asphalt as the nose going to the bottom of the ship.


Garagenatelier – underground parking, which grows out of the hill

Children in the Swiss city of Herdern certainly think that cars, in fact, did not produce in the factories, and dug out of the ground. Indeed, in this village in 2012, there was one of the most unusual in the world of parking.



Construction named Garagenatelier successfully integrated into a small hill. Parking spaces are located directly within this landscape object. On one side of the hill go out into and out of the parking lot, and with another – five glass boxes that give the construction of a truly fabulous look.


Cardok – underground parking with roof garden

Cardok – these ideal organization of parking in places where there is enough space for it. After all, this technology allows to combine in one small area at a time and a garage, for example, a playground or garden.


Cardok – an unusual lift which can carry your car in the underground garage at the time when the roof in this transport system is part of the lawn, garden, playground, or any other planar structures.


And best of all, from the parking Cardok absolutely impossible to steal a car. Moreover, the potential hijacker even suspect will not be that somewhere under those bushes with roses or magnolias hides swanky car Porsche.


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