8 Most Unusual, Large-Scale Floating Water Bodies

Man becomes categorically little space on the ground. And because we are diligently trying to learn as a body of water. And in the world there are many ambitious infrastructure projects to be implemented on the water: floating power plants, space centers and even entire island. Today we tell about 8 most unusual and large-scale water bodies of the modern world, as well as those that will be built soon.

Floating nuclear power plant Academician Lomonosov

While some countries, such as Germany and Scotland in general are trying to get rid of nuclear energy, while others are keen to develop it. The latter include Russia – one of the leaders in this market. Moreover, our scientists and engineers are actively implementing a world-class innovation in this kind of industry.


As proof of the last assertion is a project of construction of floating nuclear power plants – large ships with nuclear reactor on board, from which energy can be fed whole city with a population of 300 thousand people.


The first floating nuclear power plant under construction for several years at the shipyard in St. Petersburg. It was named “Akademik Lomonosov” . It is expected that this unusual plant will be commissioned in 2016.

Floating solar power plant in Japan

In Japan, categorically not enough space for their infrastructure needs. And because in Japan forced namyvat artificial territory, as well as to build floating objects, including solar power and water. Leader in the latter is a corporation Kyocera, which built already far not one such object.


In December 2014 Kyocera sources reported that the company plans in the near future to begin construction of a giant floating solar power plant in Chiba Prefecture. This infrastructure facility will be the largest in the world. He will be able to generate 13.4 megawatts, which will provide energy for 4,700 residential buildings in the vicinity.


Floating airport for London

London is one of the largest aviation hubs in the world. This metropolis already serve five airports, but there are still several construction projects – existing air stations are overloaded. One such project involves the creation of a floating airport near the mouth of the Thames.


The project, designed by architectural firm Beckett Rankine, cost investors $ 40 billion. This is quite a lot, but enough free land in the suburbs of London can not be found. A ransom built-up area would cost at least not less.


Floating airport, according to the developed by Beckett Rankine project will take even the largest planes. Furthermore, the arrangement allows water to expand it as necessary. In this case, up to the London of it can be reached by express train in just 40 minutes.

Floating island to rescue Kiribati

Most of the effects of global warming are afraid of the people and the power of small islands in the Pacific and the Indian Ocean, which can be destroyed in the coming decades, even a relatively small rise in water level. One of these states is the Republic of Kiribati.


Her authorities want to advance to prepare for such a catastrophe, and now looking for investors and sponsors willing to help the people of Kiribati, if necessary, to move to a new residence. As a last considering the construction of floating islands in the ocean, where you can live, to farm and build its own industry.


The project has developed cities such Japanese construction company Shimizu Corporation. For the realization of this idea Kiribati need $ 2 billion, which is now Pacific republic and asked the international community.

Floating on the company SpaceX launch site

SpaceX is the world’s largest operator of private space flight. This American company has developed and successfully launched several models of rockets to fly into Earth orbit, as well as freight and passenger shuttles that can dock with the ISS.


The only negative SpaceX – is the absence of the spaceport. A few years the company used the wrong starting complexes, and in 2014 received permission to build their own site in Texas.


However, at the end of the year CEO Elon Musk businessman introduced temporary public launch sites SpaceX – floating in the ocean platform. They are not afraid of even the most violent storm – complexes are equipped with an innovative system of balancing and damping pitching.

Solar Orchid – Floating Market in Singapore

The city-state of Singapore is not the first century characterized by traditional tent for trade with the name “Hawker”. However, with the increasing density of population and development in the streets of this metropolis is becoming less space for installation of such structures. But the architectural firm SPARK Architects has developed a project Solar Orchid, which provides for the creation of markets right on the water.


Concept Solar Orchid involves the creation of modular markets, consisting of separate floating elements, visually reminiscent of traditional stalls in Singapore. In one such shop Hawker can be placed (or even several), a cafe, or even a public space – a small square.


In this case, the roof of the floating tents Solar Orchid will consist of directed in different directions solar panels that will provide electricity needs completely outlet.

Floating Bridge trampoline in Paris

Architectural company AZC developed within the competition l’ArchTriumph unusual bridge project that would connect Swan island on the river Seine from the fifteenth arrondissement of Paris. From many other similar infrastructure, this bridge will feature the fact that it can not just walk. Only need to jump.


After all, this bridge is a giant trampoline long ninety-four meters. It is designed for the young physically and soul of the people of Paris, as well as guests of the French capital, which is not averse to overcome the water barrier fun and skipping, not banal way – on foot.


The bridge will consist of three trampolines in diameter and thirty meters each. That people do not take off beyond, on the edges of trampolines, facing the banks of the river and the authors of the project plan to establish catch net. Architects from studio AZC confident that this project they create its not just another bridge, and a new landmark of Paris and France.

Floating spruce in Australia

The Soviet movie “The Diamond Arm” was a restaurant “Weeping Willow”, and in the Australian city of Geelong in December 2014 for Christmas was set … weeping, rather, floating tree.


This Australian spruce covered eleven thousand reflective elements that sent thousands of LEDs. As a result, in the dark unusual Christmas beauty creates an incredibly beautiful light show illuminating the vicinity of Geelong. The creators of this design argue that its program knows eighty different effects, which alternate in various combinations.


The creators of this floating spruce say that they thus try to bring Australia’s new Christmas tradition. Until now the continent celebrate Christmas very conservative, as the ancestors of modern Australians celebrated it even in Europe. Comes to the absurd – people sprinkled with festive fir artificial snow, while on the southern continent at this time the midst of a hot summer. In Melbourne the same studio Creative Production Services proposes to replace the snow on the light.

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