Most Weird Model You May Have Ever Seen………

Most Weird Model You May Have Ever Seen………

All around the world are used to a model appearance, which is published in glossy magazines. She have the perfect shape, well-groomed face and hair. 25-year-old fashion model Melanie Gaydos (Melanie Gaydos) is fundamentally different from the generally accepted canons. Many people do not mince words, seeing Melanie. But those who have managed to have a little chat with the girl, saying that she had an incredible energy, charisma and inner beauty! Take a look!

Gaydos Melanie lives and works in the United States. She is 25 years old. Girl takes an active part in various photo shoots.

Despite the generally accepted standards of beauty, she became famous, rich, and in an instant changed attitude toward themselves and to such a contentious issue, as beauty.

Gaydos Melanie suffers from a rare genetic disorder – ectodermal dysplasia. This disease affects the development of skin, hair and nails, and sometimes on bone formation.


Ectodermal dysplasia affects everyone differently. Gaydos has a severe form, which condemned her to startled glances and unflattering comments about her appearance.

Despite his appearance, Melanie not only lives a normal life, but also has got friends in the face of well-known photographers, filmmakers and musicians. Not everyone is able to do everything with beauty!

. Friends Melanie very much! Her boyfriend director Jim Jarmusch believes that the reason for this – clean and beautiful soul Melanieicon smile most provocative model in the world Melanie Gaydos


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