Movies made from Books, came out Superior than Books

David Fincher in “Disappeared” popular novel Turned into A Mysterious, Sometimes even Philosophical thriller, Which WAS immediately Recognized by the Public, regardless of the original book.


In terms of Adaptation in Fincher’s rich experience – That Stand alone “Fight Club,” “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” clearly exceeded the books on which they were taken (by the way, “The Social Network” and “Zodiac” were also excellent adaptations of two non-fiction Books).

But Fincher is not, as They Say, One. What Other Directors Could make A Film, Which Became Successful Clearly more than Their Literary source? We Decided to Look at the Film Adaptation of the Classic, Contrary to the Usual order of things become undoubtedly the best book.



1. Fight Club (1999)

Made by David Fincher Director top “Fight Club” WAS Able to gather in A Single Bundle of Experiences of A Whole Generation of young people, Prisoners into Slavery IKEA Catalog. Unlike the novel by Chuck Palahniuk, the debut Film WAS not the Best. But thanks to All Those WHO Violated the first Rule of “Fight Club”, the rumors About the Film Adaptation PASSED from Mouth to Mouth, and ITS Popularity is Growing Gradually. Palahniuk book and so Hugely Remains, But rereading it after watching the Movie, you catch yourself Thinking That Fincher’s novel WAS not just A source of quotations. Branded rather dirty prose Palahniuk is not very much fit with Extremely stylish Approach to fincherovskoy movies. As Noted Palahniuk Himself: “I am even Slightly ashamed of His book, Because the Film perfectly caught the story and gave it much more effective. “

2. LA Confidential (1997)

Curtis Hanson California Noir – another Film Earned the Gratitude of the author of the book on Which it WAS removed. James Ellroy has Called “LA Confidential,” “work of art”. While working on the Film, Hanson and Brian Helgeland screenwriter WAS excised from the 496-page novel Ellroy all the chapters that dealt with the three main characters, thus simplifying the plot.
The Film is much more “Hollywood” ending – the prologue of the book Laid the basis for the Final Shootout Between good cops (Represented by Guy Pearce and Russell Crowe) and the Most Notable of ellroevskih Literary characters – corrupt Lieutenant Dudley Smith. A Fitting end to the modern crime epic.

3. Blade Runner (1982)

Grim dystopia Ridley Scott clearly surpassed the novel by Philip K. Dick in 1968. In FACT, the phrase “Blade Runner” in the novel nowhere to be found. But “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” Barely resembled the appropriate name for the movies, in which Harrison Ford hunted out-of-control deadly robots.
A rather complex in novel These events Occur after the fictional World War The Final, DURING Which Most of the Life on earth has Been Destroyed by radiation, and even Possession of the animals Became the symbol of A Special Status. Ridley Scott reminded About the storyline – and, of course, about the original title – in a scene where the hero Ford mourns the dead sheep home.

4. The Shining (1980)

Third published the novel by Stephen King, and to this day, perhaps, is His Greatest work (Along with published Last year Extensions). Based on personal His Struggle with alcoholism book WAS the basis of the eponymous painting by Stanley Kubrick in 1980 with Jack Nicholson in the role of going crazy writer Jack Torrance.
Kubrick is Known to be not particularly attentive to the script Written by King and even showed A broken red Volkswagen Torrens on the sidelines, as if passing hello King novel. He Also, Fortunately, Decided to Retire from the book comes to Life in animals in the fence and replace the stick, which Jack broke out the door, all the now famous scene with an ax.

5. The Godfather (1972)

Criminal Saga of Francis Ford Coppola does not require Special views. Has Become the standard for an Entire Genre movies of Oscar-winning script WAS Born out of the book by Mario Same Puzo, They have Adapted to the screen for A Couple with Coppola. Surprisingly for the film length in three hours, but not the entire primary material has been adapted – the early life of Vito Corleone left for the sequel, but the story of how he, using his connections in Hollywood, doing so “Oscar” went to his godson actor Johnny Fontane was excised.
It WAS Obvious That the source-book CAN Hardly expect even A Small fraction of the immense Recognition That Received Film Adaptation. Dick Schaap from the New York Times wrote in His review of the book: “Taking into account some roughness, Excessive dramatization and an Almost Complete LACK of Humor, Puzo wrote A solid Story That CAN Easily be Read in One Sitting Long. Select the Night, When there is nothing interesting on TV, and you CAN do it with A book Pretty Quickly. “

6. Children of Men (2006)

“First of All, after watching” Children of Men “is Becoming Restless heart. Is it really That’s WHERE we’re going? “- Wondered Film critic Roger Ebert in His review of Alfonso Cuarón Dystopia. In “Children of Men” into Eats memory all – from severe facial Clive Owen to oppressive, dry painting of 12 minutes of continuous movement on the streets disfigured by war.
On the other hand, a novel by PD James, 1992 – something completely Different. Hero Clive Owen Theo Faron – Lecturer at Oxford, and the Story is Told through the notes in His diary. Novel ends Shootout Theo and His powerful brother. Theo is ready to become the ruler of England, and the child – the salvation of the country.

7. Vanished (2014)

Literary snobs were quite skeptical when the 2012 novel Gillian Flynn Captured the Audience Whose Tastes are Usually Determined by review of the Books in the free newspaper, and Most Often Occurs in the hands of passengers Underground. Nevertheless, the book sold huge and Numbers Mostly Received positive reviews.
Same fincher, Long Known for ITS Ability to convert Virtually All cinematic gold, fashioned from A good novel (ScreenPlay Also Written Flynn) One of the Best films of the year. The novel is not Simply Given to Compete with the creation of Fincher. This is another weight Category, Ben Affleck with Rosamund Pike and starring Neil Patrick Harris on some Secondary and music by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Yes, and completely failed ending of the book has Been Properly processed in the Movie.

8. You Only Live Twice (1967)

This is not the best James Bond movie, but fifth appearance Connery as 007 marked the Beginning of what absurdist Humor, Which Will then feature the main secret agent Played by Roger Moore. Roald Dahl Scenario, the Transformation of Japanese Kimono and Bond with Catania and den chief villain Blofeld in the crater of a volcano did “You Only Live Twice” a classic example of James Bond.
Originator of the film – the posthumous novel by Ian Fleming in 1964 – Received Mixed Reviews. It Begins with Bond drink too much, Grieving for His dead wife, and His Last chance to Recover – Investigate the Mysterious “Garden of Death” in the Japanese castle. Next comes tightened entry, DURING Which he learns to Dive for Pearls, living in A Family of Japanese fishermen. Then he fights Blofeld (Which, of course, Spending time, pacing in Samurai Ammunition), HIM kills, injures His head, Loses His memory, and in the end it Leads back to the Life of fishermen. But the Worst That thing is the code number is changed to 7777. Bond Awful.

9. Thank You for Smoking (2005)

Inspired by Christopher Buckley’s satirical novel, this is A Rare example of A Film That successfully transfers the contents of the source. The Plot WAS published in 1994, the novel revolves around a tobacco lobbyist Nick Naylor, in a group of “merchants of death” , Which is Also Lobbying for alcohol and weapons. One of His tasks – to Return back to the cigarette cinema Screens, Which Nick (Aaron Eckhart Played by) to Los Angeles, he WHERE Became A Victim of A conspiracy – it is kidnapped and try to kill, covering all nicotine patches.
Already the rich texture of the novel conveys the Film better yet, just muting the role of the tragic kidnapping and Adding more Detailed description of the hero with His son. Roger Ebert wrote: “It is tough and elegant Both satire, A Dagger INSTEAD of Shotgun. ” Fortunately, Plans to Take over the main role of Mel Gibson Quickly Abandoned, OTHERWISE Would we just have A Shotgun.

10. Out of Sight (1998)

Elmore Leonard, can, and wrote the script for “Jackie Brown,” “Out of Sight” and absolutely wonderful, but underrated series “Justice”, but his work never received the recognition, which have many of his contemporaries, writing detective stories ( including Dennis Lehane and James Elroy).
As the novel “Out of Sight” – the Story of A Federal Marshal, Turned into A Bank robber on the Run – perhaps wondering if there A few Pages. As the Film – One of the Most Memorable pictures of Steven Soderbergh, George Clooney WHERE , before Confused That many in “Batman and Robin”, Recalls That he WAS Still A Movie star. This stylish and skillful thriller, by the way One of the Best Jennifer Lopez roles, rightfully Received two Nominations for “Oscar”.

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