Museum of Miniatures and film in Lyon (France)

Thumbnail creation – a popular trend in contemporary art. Artists doing a tremendous hard work to exactly recreate the original scale. One of the most famous collections of miniatures collected by Dan Ohlmann and exhibited in Lyon in the Museum of Miniatures and film.


Exposition miniatures presented in a historic building, which was built in the 16th century. The brainchild of Dan Olmanna combines his two passions – love to create dioramas and special effects. On permanent exhibition presents hundreds of miniatures, among them – a copy of Zen temple in Japan, Lyon weaving factory, school classes, and more.


All songs are made on a scale 1:12 as by Dan Allman and foreign masters, whose works were acquired by the artist during the years of traveling around the world. The creators of miniatures convey the tiniest details, pay attention to the texture of the material, so that it creates the illusion that the viewer in front of a real room, not artfully designed layout.


The exhibition also displays tiny decorations that were used to capture cult films. Layouts, scenery, masks, costumes, stuffed animals, mannequins, robots and all kinds of monsters – all of this collection includes Dan Olmanna. Many of these items were actually used during the filming, in particular, the collection contains the original props from the movie “Gladiator,” “Aliens,” “Independence Day” and others.



Dan Olmann many years worked as a designer of office space, and in 1985 he was visited by the idea of ​​recreating a small copy of the interiors. Two years later, he presented on one show thumbnail, repeating the situation of the restaurant Chez Maxim’s in Paris. Two years later he opened his first museum of miniatures, the exposure of which there are more than 100 exhibits. In 2003, the famous Swiss collector has promoted the fact that the “family” museum Dan Olmanna turned into a world-famous exhibition center.


By the way, we recall that the site Kulturologiya.RF we have already talked about the sights mobile museum of miniatures , who travels around the world under the guidance of artist Eric Nelson.


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