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Nail Polish Which Changes Colors?

Hey girls there is a lovely product in the market for you have a look……..

Nail polish junkies, we’d like you to meet Shade Shifter from Orly, a new color-changing gel topcoat that changes pigment depending on body temperature and chemistry. Nope, it’s not “mood ring” technology. This topcoat transforms into a fantastically new shade in the same color palette — darker if you’re cold, lighter if you’re warm.

If you’re a die-hard nail connoisseur, this color-changing topcoat is something you will eventually try. If you’re more of a window shopper and like to look but not touch, then check out the Shade Shifter video below. It’s pretty cool, and the gel component reminds us of dark cherry Jell-O, which is always fun. Looking to give it a go? Head to the salon — it’s a pros-only product for now.

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One Response to Nail Polish Which Changes Colors?

  1. I think it’s a misnomer to say it changes colors. It only changes the shade, it goes from clear to black. You have to use THEIR color polishes to work as a base coat. It can still be cool because in certain instances you will get a gradient or spots.

    You can get it now on Amazon but don’t forget to also buy a color of their polish for it to work!