Natasha Swallow 14 Swords In Front Of Thousand People.

Queen Of Swords – She is ready to swallow 14 swords, 70 cm in length, but not ready to invite strangers into the house. The self-proclaimed “Queen of Swords” Natasha Veruschka – one of the world’s most famous glotatelnits swords, multiple champion of Guinness Book of Records.
“My age, as well as my phone number – it’s classified. The first time I swallowed a sword, it’s the feeling that everything is perfectly natural. I felt in my element, “- she says. Natasha growth, which acts under the pseudonym Veruschka – just 1.6 m, weight – 41 kg. Looking at this fragile woman, do not even believe that it is able to accommodate a steel sword. Maybe her colorful outfits and thick make-up and look as if they are not of this world, but her swords are quite real. She is not only is not afraid to insert them in the throat, but also does it with enviable composure. According to Veruschka, she was born in India to a British mother and a Russian father. After her mother’s death she was adopted Mennonites in Ukraine, and then she moved across the ocean to Canada. With swords she met early in life: girl moonlighted as a dishwasher, and when she saw her reflection in the blade of the knife, she realized that she and this “weapon” there’s a connection between them.

1. Our heroine earns his living exotic craft, speaking in front of hundreds of people around the world. In the photo: Natasha Veruschka (center), along with other participants in the competition “Believe it or not” in Times Square in New York.

2. Despite its diminutive height and slender constitution, Natasha Veruschka can hold a sword up to 70 cm long. In the photo: Veruschka is Trying one of the swords at home in New York before the performance.

3. Here’s what her New York apartment.

4. Veruschka trying to understand everything was OK with her stomach, after the speech, for which she “swallowed” 13 swords.

5. Certificates of Guinness World Records on the wall Veruschka.

6. Veruschka passes scale pattern on the wall of a building in the area where she lives in New York.

7. Veruschka not far from Hell’s Kitchen in New York.

8. Veruschka performs on stage at one of New York clubs. That evening she swallowed seven 40-centimeter swords.



10. Veruschka straightens hair iron before the performance.

11. Her swords Photo closeup.

12. Veruschka performs at Times Square in New York. She turns her sword into the throat 360 degrees.