Nature + Girls = Portraits

Amazingly soft and sensual female portraits by Spanish artist imbued with incredible warmth and trembling. Pastel color palette and merge individual girls with various natural phenomena makes the collection surprisingly touching and original at the same time.

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Oriol Angrill Jorda – talented Spanish painter, who presented a stunningly delicate collection of charming female portraits, executed in pastel colors. Inspired by the game with the composition and experiments with the imposition of one image to another, Oriol has created a series of paintings in which the face and body of young girls like merge into the enchanting dance with natural phenomena such as clouds, mountains and raging waters of the ocean. Fusion of nature and art in the artist’s works is genuine interest and admiration of most viewers. His paintings author of the collection is created with pencils and watercolors. To date, Oriol Angrill Jorda lives and works in London.

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