Never Throw The Kids!

In The park a kid siting on the bench was crying. Nimu suitable girl of 25. Asks:
Hey, kid, what are you crying

Never Throw The Kids!
, I lost my mother
-And how it looks, your mom?
.. Well she’s beautiful.
Never throw the kids! parents, children
A hair-what color?
-I do not know, probably light
-How did you know?
what the eye-A?
-As the sky, blue
-She is tall?
-much taller than me.
Heh-. Well, that’s understandable. What is the name your mother and where she left you?
-I do not know.
better not to fool around, and so we soon find your mother
-found …
Why do you think so? We find! So where she left you?
-In the hospital … When I was a kid ..
So, you have no mother?
-Yes! as if I was born without a mother?
-She dumped you .. You’re from the orphanage .. Where is your teacher?
-We went to the zoo, and I fell behind … I wanted to find my mother ..
-Let’s go to my uncle policeman and find your the teacher.
-I do not want the teacher. I want my mother. Real live mother. Who will love me, hug, buy toys. My dream is that mom and dad walking with me, went to the park. Why she left me? After all, I did nothing wrong. Why anyone next to me threw mom? After all, they are good. Light is able to sing, dance Roma. Why are they not Mom? Are we so much bad to live in an orphanage? Mom … mom … why you left me ..
This story is read by thousands of people. And some of you will make sure to have an abortion or give the child to an orphanage. Think many times before you do it … Never throw the kids!

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