New and Even Weirder Kobi Levi Shoes..!!

Kobi Levi has built reputation of a quite eccentric shoe designer. For some reason he thinks of a classic shoes as dull and unaesthetic and he tries to create a new modern shoe that will have a completely different form and shape.

He went so far in changing the shape of a shoe that it became unwearable. He combined the elements of nature like flowers, birds and animals, but also some from the urban life – like a gum stuck on the shoe that turned into a heel. His shoes are definitely something different, new and interesting, but I have to admit I would never wear anything like this in public. What do you think?




Front and back shoes…!!


Sports elegance…!!




Blow shoes…!!




Twist shoes…!!


Rolling stone shoes…!!


Gum heel shoes…!!

Arm chair shoes…!!


Sling shoes…!!


Cart shoes…!!


Banana slips…!!




These I MIGHT even wear sometimes…!!


Mommy and daughter…!!





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