New York City and the snow strom

The strongest snow storm of unprecedented power, equal to which was not observed for almost 40 years, had this week to attack the New York. Authorities urged people to purchase products, cancel all cases, stay at home and prepare for the worst. However, what happened next can be characterized as ordinary winter day in Russia.


Recommendations were not ignored and internet quickly filled with photographs of queues in New York supermarkets. The people began to actively buy food, water and batteries. After it was announced the closure of the city’s parks and a full stop of the entire public transport, it became clear that the joke was over and we will be covered in full. Then followed and did a fantastic ban on private transport from 11 pm to special order. Roads should not be anyone other than cleaning equipment and vehicles of urban services. By the evening of New Yorkers took their homes, cooked dinner, poured wine each and were waiting for something that will not be less than the end of the world. What happened next can only be described as another ordinary winter day in Russia.However, and for New York is quite ordinary snowfall. The problem was the excessive hype and inflated expectations.


Nature played with the New York cruel joke. Again. Promised meter of snow has not happened. Stop the vehicle and a ban on cars were clearly unnecessary. Instead, they were given the opportunity to see the city the way I have never seen him. Short-term New York became an almost ideal metropolis without the crowds of people and cars on the streets. This money just can not buy.


In addition to auto ban applied just on the bikes that were very much too. Suffered as a result, food deliverymen who had to go on foot to the customers.


Another surprise incredible level of law-abiding citizens. Said that the park closed and inside there was almost no rights. Half met me in Central Park people spoke in Russian. But this is not surprising, because I also went there. We have a law-abiding its special relationship.


But it was worth it. I do not even know what I end up with more impressed – Central Park or Manhattan without people without cars.


Incidentally, I did not formally violated. In the place where I went to the park entrance was not blocked. My wonderful trip interrupted policeman who very kindly asked me to leave the territory of the park, which I did.


As soon as I got out of the park on Fifth Avenue, I immediately noticed that she was unusually empty. In this case, the clock was only eight o’clock.


In the photo somewhere 11.30. Ride through the streets of rare taxis, buses and cleaning equipment. Is only in the movies can be seen to New York and without cars. It was very interesting how the authorities will be able to multi-million dollar city streets to clean it from the machines. Block the road? All will be fine? Something else? It turned out that there was nothing special about them do not have to. The level of awareness of citizens is so high that it was simple enough to declare a ban and cars on the street does not magically become. Some individual vehicles drove through the streets, but the police will not touch them with roads and not rounded up. It is possible that the drivers did not know about the “curfew”. I can imagine their reaction. You arrive in New York – and there is none. That’s where the fantasy played out


The streets looked like this. On a normal day here is pretty busy traffic.


Suddenly, the bevy of garbage trucks with blade – the main means to combat the snow in New York. Garbage trucks appeared on the streets long before the snow, long stood at the crossroads with the engine running and as soon as the sky something spilled, began frantically scraping the asphalt. This lasted until the morning. Loud screeching iron on the asphalt did not give sleep a good half of Manhattan.


Sometimes there were pedestrians on the streets, but there were very few.


Greedy taxi driver in search of customers. With the taxi came out the same story as with all other means of transport. I saw for the first time in the life of Manhattan without the thousands of yellow cars on the streets.




Register an underground stop working. It is interesting that within the seething life. Passengers were not allowed on the platform, but could hear the constant sound of passing trains. They are distilled to an overnight stay in the underground tunnels.


Park Avenue. 20 minutes stood in the street, but no one machine during this time and has not appeared.Umbrella then got scared and ran away.


Morning came. Cars on the streets not to say that it became more.


All roads were pleasantly empty.


Extinct Chinatown. Everyone expected the strongest hurricane, so the day suddenly turned off. Did not work almost nothing. Imagine how much damage the city’s economy received from such downtime. De Blasi that mistake more than once remember.


The only entertainment in Chinatown proved fire.


Canal Street. There is usually a crowd of pedestrians and a bunch of machines.



Delivery of salt, which is sprinkled streets.


Little Italy, which did not work, no restaurant. Over coffee, I had to go to Starbucks.


Covered with snow taxi in Queens.




Locate the photo bunch of taxis.


All the streets of the area were made yellow car. Never seen.


Unisfer and snowman in the park Flushing Meadows-Corona.


A skier with a cigar in his mouth denied popular expression, calling to quit and get back on skis. It is with great pleasure combined both of these classes.


I got the impression that all the inclined surfaces in used today as slides. Transitions, ramps, hills, etc. That’s what happens when little snow.


Well, the night was a beautiful sunset. After heavy snow and storms are always beautiful.

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