News – Plane Crash In Kazan

Rustem Adagamov wrote: Aircraft flying from Moscow’s Domodedovo airport in Kazan, on Sunday evening crashed on landing.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, on board were 44 passengers and 6 crew members.Β According to preliminary data, no survivors. πŸ™
1. According to preliminary data, the crew of Boeing 737-500 aircraft flying from number 363 from Moscow to Kazan, was not ready for planting, reported last night, RIA Novosti reported with reference to a source in the power structures of Tatarstan.

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2. Air traffic controller Cyril Kornishin the TV channel “Russia 24 spoke about the moment of landing,” The pilot informed me that he goes to the second round, and I gave him a set – just like on the documents – and all. And he said that he said configuration. I gave him a set like this should be standard. He confirmed. And do not quit. It is literally a few seconds happened. ”

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3. Opinion Pilot 1st Class Vladimir Gerasimov: “The fact that this is a mistake of the crew, it is obvious. What triggered it will be likely to know in the morning. The fact that he went to the second round, so that he had a problem during landing. Already questions to the crew immediately suggest themselves. Touching the ground with a vertical speed that why the aircraft was destroyed, it could be caused by a malfunction, but then the crew should have reported it. ”

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4. Crashed in Kazan “Boeing-737” (tail number VQ-BBN) served for more than 23 years – airliner made ​​its first flight in 1990. To “Tatarstan” aircraft operated by six airlines, including Air France. Also aboard was flying to Uganda. In 2001, the aircraft broke down the left landing gear while landing in the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte,,. Flown by the same board in Moscow on November 17 Gregory Busarev rassakazal that when Β plane was landing itΒ was shaking badly and “constantly throws his nose.”Busarev liner called “catastrophic plane.”

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5. As a result all killed who were on board the plane – 44 passengers and 6 crew members.

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6. Among the dead their is son of the president of Tatarstan 23-year-old Irek Minnihanov, head of the regional department of the FSB, Alexander Antonov, the wife of sports commentator Roman Skvortsov Ellina along with 11-year-old daughter Dasha.

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9. Today in Tatarstan mourning.

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