One Day, Everyday

Take a look of photos from around the world, Usually these are simple pictures of ordinary life in many countries, the life that we hardly get to see with our own eyes. These are universal images – here we will see how other people live, and sometimes life in these photographs is so similar to ours.


1. Three-year Nadia Nassrallah eating  breakfast in front of her house in the slums of Islamabad.
2. Contrast generations old Nepali boy with a flag of a local political party in Bhaktapur on the outskirts of Kathmandu.
3. A Pakistani in his jewelry store and a nearby grocery store in the Christian neighborhood of Islamabad.
4. Seven year old Pakistani Sayyad Sadiq playing with bricks at the factory in Islamabad, where his family works.
5. 12-year-old Akram Shaim with his 9-year-old sister Shamilov in a brick factory in Islamabad.
6. Afghan carpet salesman with home-made rug with the image of U.S. President Barack Obama in a shop in Kabul. The shop owner said that he wove this carpet from a year, but no one is buying.
7. Lubna Afghan refugee with his brother Armand in the slums near Islamabad.
8. Syrian children in the courtyard of the historic mosque in Damascus Ommayad.
9. Street scene in Tripoli, Libya.
10. An Afghan boy zashtorivaet “balcony” in the cabin by the lake Kargha, 20 km west of Kabul.
11. Indian girl collects water in the slums of Mumbai.
12. Dotted with windmills landscape in Palmerston North, New Zealand.
13. A girl begging at a mosque in New Delhi.
14. An employee of one of Seoul restaurants lays persimmons on the shelves.
15. Indian with a bag of garbage collected on the beach – the Arabian Sea in Mumbai.
16. Pakistanis in Karachi on the shore at sunset.
17. Three-year Afghan refugee Nagin Dzhihandat with a doll in the slums of Islamabad.
18. Local artist Grand Hughes with his masterpieces in Napier, New Zealand.
19. Young Jordanian leads the sheep on the outskirts of Amman.
20. Living near the settlement of Jews evacuated ,named  Netrazim Palestinian Ismail- unravels network for catching birds.
21. The Palestinians have gathered on the roof of an unfinished building in Beit Lahiyya. In January 2009.
22. Fifteen-Pakistani Anwar Ashian bathed in the tank at the roadside in Islamabad.
23. South Korea’s National Guard soldiers checked the shape of their comrades in the War Memorial Museum in Seoul.
24. The bride and groom and Nadia Amin Zubi Imsih on their wedding photo shoot between the columns of the Citadel in Amman. This place rises above the center of Amman and includes the oldest building known to mankind: the Byzantine church, a temple of Hercules and the palace complex Omayyadov.
25. Indian merchant of metal pipes in the wholesale market in New Delhi.
26. Indian workers at the construction site for the development of the waterfront project in Ahmedabad.
27. A child comes home from school in a closed cart rickshaws in New Delhi.
28. The sheep have gathered at the solar panel near Tsuzamalthayma, southern Germany. The German government is working on a bill to phase out nuclear energy reduction by 2022, after the accident at a Japanese nuclear power plant in Fukushima March this year. The bill focuses on finding ways to fill the gaps that remain after the reduction of the share of nuclear energy, including the construction of new coal and gas power stations, as well as increased electricity production by using new sources such as solar and wind energy. As a result, it should reduce energy consumption and improve the transmission lines in the country.
29. Afghan girls in the classroom in a camp in Kabul. Women in the country were got much more right after the overthrow of the Taliban, but on a recent study, the personal security of women, their opportunities and rights in the country are beginning to deteriorate because of pre-existing adverse conditions.
30. The power plant “Belchatow” in the same city in central Poland. The largest producer of electricity in Poland earlier, this year launched a 858-megawatt generator, which became the largest in the world.
31. A boy jumps into the pool on Wazir Akbar Kahn hill in Kabul.
32. Baby bathed Muskau on site in New Delhi.
33. Afghan children on the swings at the cemetery near the temple of Sakhi in Kabul.
34. Afghan looks at a mannequin in a clothing store in Herat.
35. The young ultra-Orthodox Jews look like now would be to cut a chicken during a ritual in the Kaparot Jerusalem Mea Sharim. According to tradition, Jews believe that all the sins of the past will move the chicken. This ceremony is carried out before the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement). Typically, Jews celebrate this holiday a 25-hour fasting and prayers of many.