Apr 24, 2014

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Origami of towels like never before

“Ori” means folding and “kami” means paper. Kami changes to “gami” due to rendaku. This was Japanese art formerly but now is practiced all over the world.   And artists gave new twist to this art of paper folding by folding Towels. So lets take a look at these wonderful towel origami. You will also love this new origami.

1)  Towel Swans –

These swans are different from original ones as these are stripped. How beautiful art is this?


2) Towel Ninja –

Ninjas are always black but this towel ninja is different. It is more attractive than the real ones.

Towel Origami Folded Monkey

3) Nile Crocodile –

Egyptians are very prominent in this towel origami and this nile croc is its conspicuous example.


4) Love Birds –

Sweetest gift for sweet couples. The beauty is everywhere in this room.


5) Flower –

Want to propose your girl friend? Then you should go for this, its more pretty than the real rose.

6) Bunny Towels –

Animated bunny was loved by people from all over the globe. But I think this will also be loved and cared by people.


7)Towel Frog –

Look at the style and comfort of this frog. You must be feeling jealous.


8) Hotel Room -

This is probably for the honeymoon couples . It enhances the mood and toxicity of the room . all you couples get ready .


9) Pink origami –

Purely girlish and may be loved by some men too. Whatever, its very beautiful and colorful.


10) Human origami–

Don’t you wanna take rest and pleasure like this origami. You should atleast visit this place once man.


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