Original Fruit Packaging for toilet paper

Desire for comfort and aesthetics in all areas of life – the natural desire of any modern man. Wrapped toilet paper in the original colorful packaging, Japanese designers have turned the most ordinary rolls in charming berries and fruits. Superb “highlight” – not only a manifestation of a sense of humor designers, but also an effective marketing tool.




Nowadays modern society pays great attention to the aesthetics, which can be traced in almost all areas of life. Stylish detail in clothing or decorative element in the interior is able to make everyday routine a little more beautiful and more fun. The Japanese company Latona Marketing Inc. has gone a step further and offer an interesting alternative design of this seemingly unremarkable hygiene products like toilet paper. Collection «The Fruit Toilet Paper» is a paper placed in bright packaging in the form of juicy colorful fruits and berries. Under the project, the company has released four versions of designer rolls: strawberries, kiwi, watermelon and orange. Fruit package – wonderful marketing tool and an original way to make going to the toilet a little more fun.



Modern manufacturers are on a variety of tricks to highlight their wares on a background of competitors’ products, and unusual packaging – one of the most popular and effective ways to attract the attention of picky consumers.