Extreme Body Modification Joel Miggler (1)

Extreme Body Modification To a New Level – Joel Miggler

23-year-old Joel Miggler, also known as Bodymoded Punky, Küssaberg lives in Germany and is in great passion for body modification. Above all, he was famous for his large holes in the cheeks, whose diameter is 36 mm. Some people see Joel on the street, surprise considering his other general panic, and some people even like it, but not one remains indifferent.

Some will really don’t like it so see if you can see???

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Some Weird Phobias You May Have ??? (25)

Some Weird Phobias You May Have ???

Hard to imagine a man who never afraid of nothing. But if most people usually fear of physical injury, disease, dangerous animals, loneliness, death, and other things, some strange individuals shocked by quite harmless and trivial things. These people seem crazy and sometimes even pretenders, but they are seriously affected by their phobias.
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Scary Delicious Cakes From The Beauty Christina (8)

Scary Delicious Cakes From – Christina McConnell

Christine McConnell from Los Angeles – stylist, photographer and model by profession – has found a unusual hobby. At leisure, she bakes cakes, brownies and cookies very unusual shapes. Waffle cones with alien monsters, cookies in the form of monsters, scary cake with skulls and other fantastic creatures McConnell posted on Reddit, where rapidly reach the first place. CHECK OUT A new trend.

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Happiness of Childhood From Around The World (26)

Happiness of Childhood From Around The World

No matter what the economic situation of our country is going on, kids will always find creative ways to have fun. Their wild fantasies and fairy baby moments captured by talented photographers here created a truly remarkable scene. Here is a selection, we can easily show that childhood can be perfect no matter what country the child grows…

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