Amazing Photography of Mechanical Doll by Tim Walker

‘Mechanical Dolls’ editorial was captured by photographer Tim Walker for the October issue of Vogue Italia 2011 which features the adorable pairing of Audrey Marnay and Kirsi Pyrhonen. The twosome plays dress up complete with pale faces, moustaches and painted on eyebrows. Outfit collection was from Alberta Ferretti, Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney and Kenzo. The photography is done in such a way that it’s impossible to detect that there are real girls in form of dolls. Continue reading

7 Rooms of Modern Russia (8)

7 Rooms of Modern Russia

In New book by Rafal Milacha “7 rooms” represents the culmination of a long and careful study of contemporary Russia. For six years Milach photographed seven young men in Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Krasnoyarsk, and was fascinated by these “people, places, food, feeling drunk, music and scenery in a taxi.” “In his 30 years, these people seem caught between the ineradicable Soviet mentality and constantly seeking the mind of today’s Russians. Milach chose an object that is almost impossible to visualize. And yet this book managed to make an incredible journey into a lost direction, a trip to the beauty and sadness due to the country. Continue reading

One man, 100 000 toothpicks and 35 years - Toothpick Sculpture - City of San Francisco (8)

One man, 100 000 Toothpicks and 35 Years

Scott Weaver has created thousands and more toothpicks kinetic sculpture Rolling through the Bay, here you will see outstanding sculpture representing the city of San Francisco as he sees it. In sculpture,you will see the existing road, which is clearly seen in the video. He Worked 35 years to create this masterpiece and trust this really need lots of hard work Take a look… Continue reading

10 Facts About Body Weight

Science does not stand on it still,but the fact that we found few years ago are really true, May be opinion of scientists now have changed radically.Every now and then we get new factors revealed which affects weight and ability to lose weight.
Now many scientists are looking for a new relationship of weight to genetics, pregnancy, and various chemical processes in our body,Take a look.

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13 Bloody Dictators of the 20th Century (14)

13 Bloody Dictators of the 20th Century

I know there were some lovely people in the history who have done lots of good things for us, that we can`t forget but we also have a bad part there were some people in the history, the bloodiest people for whom we even don`t want to think and they are like big burdons on humanity and on earth here i got something realted.

Dictatorship – A form of government in which all the fullness of state power belongs to only one political position – the ruler (dictator), the ruling party, the ruling group of people, the ruling alliance and the ruling social class. Operation of a dictatorial regime is accompanied by radical or repressive measures against political opponents and the cruel suppression or elimination of those rights and freedoms of citizens, who are in way of contrary to the position of the regime.
Here you will see the details about the bloodiest dictatorships of the last century,Take a look… Continue reading