Evening Primrose

Beautiful flowers which bloom only at night

Nature is the most beautiful thing in the world. Everything related to nature is also beautiful. Similarly moonlight nights have their own beauty. Imagine a beautiful night with cool breeze touching the cheeks softly, sweet fragrance of night blooming flowers spread in the air, a mug of coffee or tea steaming in your hands and your family by your side. Nothing can be more beautiful, pleasing and comforting than this after a hard day at work. In the sequence if you get to see the beautiful flowers blooming at that time, this will enhance your happiness and excitement. In this way night blooming flowers are integral part of lawns and gardens. So in this section I have listed down a few of such enamoring flowers. Continue reading

Large mouth girls (15)

Weirdest and Unbelievable Photos of Girls with Largest Mouths Ever

This world is full of amazing things. Some will make you laugh and some will leave you surprised. So in the series of funny pictures, here we are showing you funny and weird pictures of girls having large mouth. It seems like this whole world can be fixed into their mouth. I hope you will like it and will laugh till your stomach aches. Just roll down to have a look and don’t forget to comment. Continue reading

Beautiful Wooden Sculptures (49)

Creative and Attractive Sculptures of Wood

Home is the best dwelling place. Everyone want his dwelling place to be the most beautiful and peaceful place in the world. In order to increase its beauty, decoration & interior plays an important role. Wooden sculptures prove themselves promising when it comes to decoration. Now a days many beautiful and attractive, creative wooden sculpture are available in market. So just to give you ideas, here are the pictures of wonderful wooden sculptures. Continue reading

Saving the Elephant and its Mother (1)

Saving the Elephant and its Mother

The most conservative conservationists believe that a man should not interfere with nature, under any circumstances. In general, I agree, but very often the animals  sometimes face problems that have arisen due to human activities. Therefore, there are cases of exceptions – like this one. We could not stay away and watch as these giants will die slowly, – It is said by fellow Zambian Society for the Protection of Wildlife Rachel Maccoby after the operation to rescue the elephants. Continue reading