Fascinating Facts about US military

The United States spends more on its military than rest of the top 15 nations with the highest military expenditure. The rest of the list includes China ($119 bn), UK ($59.6 bn), France ($59.3bn), Russia ($58.7bn), Japan ($54.5bn), Germany ($45.2bn), Saudi Arabia ($45.2bn), India ($41.3bn), Italy ($37bn), Brazil ($33.5bn), South Korea ($27.6bn), Australia ($24bn), Canada ($22.8bn) and Turkey ($17.5bn). The US spends $698 billion. (Figures courtesy Stockholm International Peace Research Institute).

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Another Hilarious Haircuts Around the World II

10 Outlandish Haircuts

New hair style every time on going to a hair saloon is in the habit of many people. Some haircuts are liked by many others and some are totally shocking for  the world. So why don’t you see these bizarre haircuts which turns you totally mad and either you say wow or say shit man, whats this? But whatever you say it doesn’t effect these outlandish people. Continue reading

10 Smallest People with Biggest Dreams

Height is always considered as a key to success, more your height is more you feel proud of yourself. In fact it enhances your personality, makes you the center of attraction. But what for the people who are small, as small as a child? Couldn’t they expect better and successful life. If you think like this then here are some short heighted people (or, better call them Lilliputians) who are dazzling the world with their determination and confidence.

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30 Eyes will Blow Your Mind

Shaping things to make it more special need hardwork, Eyes play main role to make you look special, beauticians need to work on every part of face with different angles to give a magical look to a face, its a big task. So many techniques and different application of cosmetics are done on eyes to make them more and more appealing and Beautiful and there’s no doubt Eyes attract a lot when they are Professionally styled. just take a look of some great work and killer output, in simple words really killer eyes for which i have no words, really eye catchy. Continue reading