Milla Jovovich was Photographed for an Apocalyptic Calendar (10)

Milla Jovovich was Photographed for an Apocalyptic Calendar of 2012

35-year-old actress and model Milla Jovovich was photographed for the calendar Campari in 2012. Because, as everyone knows, this is the year end of the world, the actress appears on a background of apocalyptic landscapes. Example 12 is lovely fairy-tale images, which worked hard to create a whole team of stylists, led by photographer Dmitry Danillovym. Photo session was called  “This is the end of the world, baby!” Continue reading

10 Unexpected Heart Attacks

Heart attacks are very common in day to day life of the people, which if major in nature will definitely leads to death. But almost all the heart attack cases happen with people who are high blood pressure patients or heart patients or may be suffering from any other disease. Fatigue is also a reason but after going through this article you can understand some of the unusual heart attacks. Continue reading


10 Adorable Beaches

It doesn’t really matter where a beach is located it is always beautiful. But it always remains a center of attraction for the visitors. People get spell bounded by the scenic beauty of the beaches. They simply want to lose themselves in the warm water of the beaches and some beaches are exceptionally adorable. Here are some of the most unique and magnificent beaches of the world. Continue reading

bridge party

Suspended Jaccuzzi Party Under The Bridge

Taking the plunge: Daredevils dangled 500ft from the ground and 120ft from the Gueuroz Bridge in Switzerland as they took part in an extreme jacuzzi’ stunt.  Dangling: The jacuzzi suspended from the bridge with steel cables and ropes and took 2,500 hours to plan for just 2.5 hours in the jacuzzi.Party: The group, who kept warm using a gas powered system, celebrated with drinking champagne and eating cake. Continue reading