Under the Knife for the Love of Superman (7)

Under the Knife for the Love of Superman

35-year-old Filipino is already 16 years old, took plastic surgery to be like Superman.
Meet Herbert Chavez, working with a “living statue”, since 1995 periodically falls under the knife to become more popular like a comic hero. His house is in Kalamba Laguna (south of Manila) is practically littered with objects with the image of Superman – from T-shirts and bed sheets and pillows to the figures.
What appears here is not enough, because you will also find the figure of Spider-Man life-size, which “crawls” on the wall outside the house.

Superman character ascended to heaven, when the late actor Christopher Reeve donned his famous red and blue costume in a film in 1978, after which three sequels came out. In 2006, in the movie “Superman Returns” director Bryan Singer, and also  Brandon Ruth.
As a result of numerous operations Chávez face recalls combination of those two actors. Continue reading

Hand Shadowgraphy: An Unique and Amazing Art

“Art is man’s expression of his joy in labor.”

This world is full of art and artists and every art is creative in itself. In this sequence we are introducing to an unique are called hand shadowgraphy. This art is a combination of hands and fingers on a blank screen telling you a million stories with complete audio visual effect which may be called “cinema in silhouette”. Continue reading

Ferrari 1

Ferrari 458 Spider Version in Pictures

The Ferrari 458 first appeared in 2009 as the 458 Italia coupé. The Spider version was made its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Ferrari 458 is more expensive than the 458 Italia coupé. The seats are better and more helpful than the F430 and also the air vents and buttons are easy to arrive at the driver. The Metal roof is 25kg lighter than the fabric comparable and roofs folds within 14 seconds.

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Unique and Mouthwatering Chocolate Art (pics)

“Food brings people together and there is no better way to celebrate life.”

Chocolate is the most famous food material weather to make it a part of any celebration or to gift it to someone. But do you know chocolate is also used in some artistic works. It is used to make beautiful sculptures,scenery,paintings and other showpieces. You can’t deny the beauty of this unique and delicious art form. So now if you get to see these beautiful chocolate art work anywhere, don’t get confused whether to eat it or see it. Continue reading