Tattoos from around the World (39)

Tattoos from around the World

For thousands of years, people decorated their bodies with indelible paint. Tattooing may be a memory, uninterrupted prayer, sign or symbol, or simply a work of art. Reasons for application may be purely personal, a desire to beautify the body may be a quirk of human or necessity. Tattoos can indicate membership in a particular tribe, some events in a person’s life, or just do not mean. In this set you will get acquainted with photos, art-related jewelry skin, get to know the owners and the reasons which prompted them to apply a particular pattern. Continue reading

Wonderful art Leaf Carving-Love

Leaf Carving -Stunning Art

This art is came from china.It is very difficult to produce a animated art or picture on leaf, in this u need to remove surface of leaf manualy In this process the artists remove without cutting of veins.
Artist made this very stunning , beautiful and delightful pictures by using a great art. Mostly they use leaf of a Chinar tree because that leaf is bigger in size then others and also have a good shape.You can make this leaf by using a complete process like the leaf blade forms a permanent pigment. After that, use an anti aging treatment which helps the leaves in durability. After the complete process the leaf looks strong, natural and wondrous, and it can be a great gift for your love ones. Continue reading