World’s Best Bizarre Pictures of 2010 (27 Pics)

Looking for a gift for the geek who has everything? How about this – a detailed 1:18 scale model of the Delorean from the Back to the Future movies, which is also a 500GB hard drive? The $250 car-shaped hard drive features gull wing doors an opening bonnet and even a replica of the reactor needed for time travel. It simply plugs into your PC’s USB socket and you can utilise the Seagate storage hidden within. Dave Hersch of US company Flash Rods says: “After four years of engineering, it’s finally out and worth the wait. This is one of the coolest hard drive cars we have ever made. It would be hard to have more fun than this rolling around your desk top.”

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Stunning Crashes and Bold Stunts of 2010 (30 Pics)

A skydiver pulled off an amazing stunt when he climbed out from the cockpit of a glider and crawled along the wing – then somersaulted under the wing and stepped onto the wing of a second glider travelling below. He then moved back onto the main fuselage of the second glider while the first rider turned upside down and flew overhead so that the skydiver could reach up and form a human link between the two planes. The spectacular stunt was carried out by Salzburg skydiver Paul Steiner 2,100 meters in the air with both gliders travelling at 100 miles an hour above the mountains in Styria, Austria.

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spirit of fruits

Eye Catching Fruit Art….!!!

The Fruit of D Spirit…….even temper,self control ,fidelity,healthy.!!!!!!!!Fruits are an essential part of a healthy diet.  These are full of antioxidants and low in calories and fat content.  A healthy diet should contain all the seasonal fruits as a single fruit may not supply all the nutrients required. So if we want to have a healthy and fit body, we must include various seasonal fruits as a part of our daily diet. Continue reading

Most Dangerous Pedestrians

Top 10 Most Dangerous Pedestrians in Florida, and California

According to a study released by Transport for America walkers and bikers please stay alert when crossing the road, because they were hit by a car or truck in every seven minutes, resulting in over 47,700 deaths and almost 688,000 injured between 2000 and 2009. Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville some of most dangerous places for pedestrians in the state.  These deaths are common thread because the ‘arterial’ roadways which are dangerous by design, streets engineered for speeding traffic.

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