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Weekday English criminal – (30 pics)

A series of photographs presented here Jocelin Bain Hogg (Jocelyn Bain Hogg) is called The Firm. Firm – is a large criminal group from the London East End. The pictures show a real British gangster.
In 2007, an exhibition of these works in Moscow. On its opening Hogg had brought one of the bandits and made a master-class on the topic: how to survive shooting mobsters. Continue reading

Unusual Subway Photos (30)

The Most Creative Unusual Subway (40 pics)

The Stockholm Metro (Stockholms tunnelbana) is often called the longest art gallery in the world. About 90 of the 100 underground stations provide visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of the representatives of different types and directions of art. Here you will see fabulous caves (many plants are cut in the rocks, like the caves), and sculpture, and the corners of classical architecture, and wall reliefs, mosaics, graffiti and even a video installation. In the subway frequently organized the exhibition. His opening of the Stockholm subway provide several hundred artists. Formerly, the state annually invested in the underground gallery of about $ 1.5 million Continue reading

Unusual Buildings (37)

Unusual buildings from around the world (41 pics)

“This is really a mad, mad world” – People are really fond of doing strange and even shocking things.Here you will see-buildings were designed by talented architects with a boundless and sometimes crazy fantasy, These are not homes but they are exhibition centers and offices,one that stood out not only nationally, but around the world. So lets take a view. Continue reading