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Most Terrifying Locations On Earth

Every Abandoned place has a story behind it, their are number of location on earth which are considered as the most terrifying places where something has happened in the past. Today in OddStuffMagazine we have brought such location which are haunted in their own way.

The stories behind may or may not be real but these areas are certainly considered as horrifying due to some reason. Let’s see which places have a name tag of haunted and terrifying places on earth.

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Fastest in the World !!!!!

Slow and steady always wins the race. This proclamation is worth of value in Books and Novels only. However in attendance to the current state of affairs; if a debate on fast and slow may be slow again wins because of its valuable ancient past histories but in this practical world a layman even knows for himself that how important it is to be FAST in life. Continue reading

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Most Creative Divorce Cake Ideas

The name itself indicates to some kind of occasion, be it a birthday party or a wedding anniversary. It is a desert of choice for all events of pleasure. Cake ranges from its countless recipes and varies in different shapes.

The catch here is when we use cake for occasions like divorce. This occasion may not bring any happiness for the family and friends; however it can be an event of extreme joy and delight for the couples turning out to be single. Continue reading

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Miniature Photography : Insects And Fly Under The Microscope

It may appear creepy to some but i find it beautiful and fascinating. Insects and fly are common creatures in human life, some of these can heal us medicinally or others can be irritating. But after seeing the marvelous photography done using microscope technology these little things look quite awesome to me. I hope you like them as well and let us know which one creeps you out. 
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