10 Most Lousy Cakes Ideas

I love Cakes, be it of any flavor or taste but people with some creative ideas can make a cake which stays in memory forever. But apart from being creative sometimes their are cases when the cakes are not too good in their shapes and sizes.

We have gathered 10 most lousy cake ideas ever made. I know you must have seen many more worst cakes but for now, these cakes look horrible to me. If you have any other cakes you want to be listed in here, please leave a link in the comment section below. We will add it for sure. Continue reading

Top 10 Highest Earning Sportsperson in 2010

Sports is an organized, competitive, and skillful physical activity. You enjoy playing it and if you are lucky enough, you can be paid for your passion. Today in Odd Stuff Magazine we have listed 10 worlds top earning superstarts of sports in the year 2010. Its always a great thing to be paid for a sport which you like and it also makes your proud as you are leading a country’s name with you. Continue reading

Hilarious Spelling Mistake 1

Funny English Spelling Mistakes

Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes and mistakes bring out humor in them. Today in Odd Stuff Magazine we are publishing some of the most hilarious and funny English Spelling Mistakes in Pictures. We have picked pictures specially as pics can express more thoughts than usual reading.

Its been years I have been writing and I still make mistakes. I don’t remember how many times I have hit the publish button on my blog without proofreading and many times I get comments which make me feel OOPS I did it again. Continue reading

Bizarre News : Woman Wants to Become World’s Heaviest Person to give birth

Donna Simpson, 42, from New Jersey weighs more than 42 stone and aims to reach 1,000 pounds, or 71st. The mother of two children, aged three and 14, models on a website, where admirers and the curious can pay to watch videos of her eating greasy foods or walking to the car. She has appeared in television interviews and said she welcomes media coverage.

A Guinness World Records spokesman said Miss Simpson has submitted a claim for the title of world’s heaviest woman to give birth, a claim that is being reviewed. Continue reading


Top 10 Funny Pictures of May 2010

Every day there are number of pictures posted on social bookmarking sites, on which social media enthusiasts vote up and comment on it. The number of votes these pictures get are in thousands, which makes that story or image popular on these sites.

Reddit, Digg, Stumbleupon are the most popular social bookmarking sites. Today in Odd Stuff Magazine we have selected 10 Most funny pictures of May 2010. Continue reading