Paintings From The Medici Era by Christian Tagliavini

Christian Tagliavini’s an swiss-italian photographer has blend in fine arts and craftsmanship in year 1503, the birth year of Agnolo Bronzio.

You will see some stylish outfits, exaggerated necks, translucent skin and clear gazes from models. Also the unsaturated tones feel more contemporary.

He says, “I’m fascinated by the fact that I don’t simply release the shutter, but that the real fun for me is before I take the pictures. I say that I’m not really a photographer, but a workman of photography.”


tagliavini-photo_Cecilia tagliavini-photo_-duomo1-565x706

tagliavini-photo_DonnaCloti tagliavini-photo_plumato tagliavini-photo_-RitrattoD tagliavini-photo_-Bartolome