Palace of the Snow Queen: Majestic Ice Castles

Exhibition of amazing structures built of ice, has become a platform for creativity resourceful American photographer. With the help of an ordinary fire, as well as through the LEDs are illuminated sculpture inside, the author of the collection of impressive shots managed to create a magical photo project.





Sam Scholes – resourceful photographer and author of an interesting collection of photographs with the majestic ice castles stained light bright lights. Impressive results were achieved thanks to the light sources, which provided heavy traffic friend and assistant photographer Scott Stringham , as well as the LEDs are located directly in ice structures. Shooting with high exposure allowed to take pictures brighter and more colorful. The result came out fantastic collection of works taken as if in the palace of the Snow Queen. The exhibition, entitled “Ice Castles” was organized in several US states. Platform for the implementation of photo-project was selected construction Midway, located in Utah.






The Harbin Ice and Snow Festival – one of the largest festivals of snow and ice, which is held annually in the Chinese province and is the exhibition for undoubtedly impressive but unfortunately, temporary exhibits.

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