Pen Will Give You a Buzz If You Misspelled The Word

Pen Will Give You a Buzz If You Misspelled The Word

Wow, what a pen I really want to have it, after writing and writing, I really need a auto feature which can genuinely help me…., This is something very unique. Imagine yourself ? you are writing your articles or story which is really important as result and you need some checks at least your are not god that you can`t make mistake???

Digital world is creating magic day by day,

This pen is another example here that monitors how a person writes and what they write to let people know when they have misspelled words or have bad letter formation. which is normal with every common person.

The product is intended to help children learn to write and spell, but because it’s connected and the creators seem focused on keeping it relatively open, it could be used in a variety of ways, from collaboration (you could see what I’m drawing on paper, on your screen in real time) to tracking multiple children’s writing progress in the classroom. And I could finally stop writing “brocolli” on my grocery lists.

It’s yet another example of how the benefits of the digital world (spell check!) are creeping into our physical one thanks to sensors and connectivity.

So now after reading this I am sure you have more words to share with me, so i am waiting for your comments for this invention…Do you like it? or not? let me know…..





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