Photographer captures eerie ‘pyramids’ in New York City

1. Believe it or not, this image, captured by photographer Stephane Missier, aka Charles le Brigand, was taken in New York City.

2. When crossing the Marine Parkway Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge by bike, the photographer, who had been documenting the area.

3. The 18 dunes, measuring about 30 feet tall, were made from sand from the surrounding streets that were devastated by Hurricane.

4. The dunes are just one more sign of the magnitude of the cleanup involved in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

5. The storm ravaged the Rockaways, a peninsula that sits between the Atlantic Ocean and Jamaica Bay.

6. Wind created wavy lines in the 30-foot sand dunes in the parking lot of Jacob Riis Park in Queens.

7. The city is using the parking lot as a debris transfer site. Le Brigand noted, “There were all kinds of construction and hauling trucks.