Photographer Sean Van Gave Reality To The Dreams of Sick Children…

Canadian photographer Sean van Affairs leads the project the Drawing Hope. He takes pictures of children who dream of recovery, and creates magical pictures with authors in leading roles. Sean believes that it gives a sick child and his family a little more strength to fight for life.
Pictures sells and the money transfers to their young heroes. Photographer encourages them to never lose hope. After all, everything in this world is possible. And we agree with this statement.

So if you also need strength just check out the smile of the cuties … and see the believe and faith…

1. Riley – Queen of Hearts

Drawing Hope Sean Van (1)

2. At 7 months Riley survived a heart transplant. Now she is a member – online registry, supporting donors.

Drawing Hope Sean Van (2)

3. David – Guardian stars

Drawing Hope Sean Van (3)

4. David was born with underdeveloped left side of the heart. During his life he has already gone through three operations. And although in the future, David needs a transplant, he knows that all his dreams come true.


Drawing Hope Sean Van (4)

5. Chance – Captain

Drawing Hope Sean Van (5)

6. In June 2011 Censu was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. His chemotherapy will last until October 2014, but the will to survive inspires his family and others around him.

Drawing Hope Sean Van (6)

7. Alexandria – Queen sweet kingdom

Drawing Hope Sean Van (7)

8. Alex was born with underdeveloped common bile duct in the liver. one month old, she suffered a surgical procedure, but after 3 months it became clear that he needed a transplant. Fortunately, the body found in only 8 days. Her new life was possible only thanks to the donor.

Drawing Hope Sean Van (8)

9. Dawson – Pirate Island Trillium

Drawing Hope Sean Van (9)

10. Dawson developed meningitis when he was just 2 months old, causing any bleeding in the brain, as well as infections in the kidneys and bladder. The first years of his life he spent in the hospital, fighting disease. Most of his time spent in Dawson wheelchair, but that does not prevent him from dreaming.

Drawing Hope Sean Van (10)

11. Sadie – sun princess

Drawing Hope Sean Van (11)

12. Sadie can not leave the house without sun protection. Most of the time it spends in the dark. But with her radiant smile and happy, everything is possible. Even the sun, from sunflowers.

Drawing Hope Sean Van (12)

13. Dominique – time traveler

Drawing Hope Sean Van (13)
14. Dominic was born prematurely with Down syndrome and heart failure. He endured many operations and communicates only through facial expressions and gestures. But it did not affect his contagious laughter and a sense of adventure.

Drawing Hope Sean Van (14)

15. Marco – researcher

Drawing Hope Sean Van (15)
16. On day 34 of life Marco transplanted heart. In four years, he came face to face with cancer and beat it. For Marco everything seems possible … even magical apples.

Drawing Hope Sean Van (16)

17. Travis – Sentinel

Drawing Hope Sean Van (17)

In 22 months, Travis got stomach problems due to Escherichia coli. After surgery, he lost 80% of colon and blind. He is now 7 years old, he grew up as a confident boy and practicing judo. He believes that the world can be saved from bad people. Travis could not draw a picture because of vision loss, so described his dream in words.

18. Casey – quiet angel

Drawing Hope Sean Van (18)

19. Casey was born with Rett syndrome – mental retardation, which is found only in girls.At 14 months, she stopped talking and began to lose newly acquired motor and object-role skills. Girls like Casey, called “silent angels.” She is now 21 years old, and she communicates through smiles and laughter.

Drawing Hope Sean Van (19)

20. McKenna – Princess fate

Drawing Hope Sean Van (20)

21. McKenna was born with physical development, which led to a risky surgery in 4 months.She removed the skull to avoid serious damage to the brain. Besides, McKenna autism, but she believes in miracles.

Drawing Hope Sean Van (21)

22. Jack – the hero of the streets of Hope

Drawing Hope Sean Van (22)
23. Jack was born with a rare disease of the liver, which was followed by liver failure. After two months of transplant saved his life. Jack already had a lot of operations, and soon, he may need yet another transplant.

Drawing Hope Sean Van (23)
24. Cooper – magician

Drawing Hope Sean Van (24)

25. Due to the retinal break Cooper 5 years struggling with Stickler syndrome, which affects the eyes, ears, joints and cause arthritis. But this did not prevent him from seeing the world as it is – full of wonders and possibilities

Drawing Hope Sean Van (25)

26. Kyle – the keeper of the forest

Drawing Hope Sean Van (26)
27. When Kyle was 9 years old, she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease – an inflammatory bowel disease. Every day she tries to control the disease to continue to engage in horse riding. To date, there is no medication that will allow it to recover, but Kyle does not lose hope.

Drawing Hope Sean Van (27)

28. Naomi – energetic butterfly

Drawing Hope Sean Van (28)

29. Naomi energetic five years, and she has mitochondrial myopathy. Up to two years, she almost did not move, and now can sing and dance. Naomi gets tired quickly, and no one knows how debilitating the next class will be. But it seeks to overcome these difficulties, to inspire people who are around her. If you believe in yourself, anything is possible – even soar like a little butterfly!

Drawing Hope Sean Van (29)

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