Photographing A Hope – Powerful Photoproject

Photographing A Hope – Powerful Photoproject

I always like to show you this kind of work..which is very unique and show emotions and how big is hope..

Deneen Brian and the team of volunteers – professional photographers founded the charity fund “Photographing hope.” They are free pictures of premature babies and give these photos to their parents. At Deneen six children, but one of her daughters died, lived only six months. That is what prompted her to create this endowment fund.

1 Walker Pruett was born prematurely on 25 April.  weighs only 500 grams.

2 On the fifth day of Walker’s parents for the first time were able to hold him in there hands. The boy could not breathe on his own.

3 By the 27th day of life Walker was a little older and looked more or less healthy.

4 . 54 th day Walker became much stronger.

5 Day 74th: Walker weight – 1.8 kg.

6 Day 80 th: Walker strong enough to finally go home.

7 The author of this photo – the mother of six children, Brian Deneen.

8. Noah weighed only 878 grams when he was born. He is now 5 months old, and  weighs 6.3 kg.

From April 9 Fund “Photographing hope” removes premature infants for the “100 days”.

10 Little Adeline weighed only 425 grams when born. She was less than iPhone.

11 “Photographing hope” – a charity photographers volunteers who give free shots to parents of children born prematurely in the United States.

12 Baby Haley weighed only 623 grams when born in the 27th week. She remained in the intensive care center for infants 84 days.

13 This kid spent a month in the hospital. At the time of birth he weighed 2 kg.

14 Andre was in the hospital 130 days. He was born 23 weeks premature and weighed only 450 grams

15 Olivia Berothah with their twins Hunter and Tyson, who weighed in at 790 g at birth. They stayed in the hospital 106 days.


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