Photoguide on Sooo Weird Edible Insects How To Eat?

Everyone remembers the cartoon “The Lion King” and one of the most fun of his characters – Timon and Pumbaa. And now remember what they ate. “Eww, insects” – remember you with disgust, “the moment.” However, the insects feed on these days not onlyto animals, but also to people. Moreover, some consider them to be a real delicacy. If you are tired of traditional food from different countries, feel free to scroll our list of the most popular edible insects and be inspired by new culinary feats. but if are vegetarian then dont see this even, you will not like it, same as me.

edible01 photoguide on edible insects

1. Cicadas

Eat: in Asia and some parts of the U.S.
The taste: as asparagus
Preparation: boil or fry, like shrimp

edible02 photoguide on edible insects

2. The larvae of wasps

Eat: In  Japan
The taste: sweet and crunchy
Method: with soy sauce and sugar

edible03 photoguide on edible insects

3. Scorpions

Eat: in Vietnam , Thailand, China
On the palate: a crab or shrimp
Preparation: skewers, fried in oil

edible04 photoguide on edible insects

4. Red ants

Eat: In  Thailand
On the palate: a lemon
Preparation: add to salads

edible05 photoguide on edible insects

5. Caterpillars

Eat: Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe
The taste: oily
Preparation: Dried or smoked, served with sauce

edible06 photoguide on edible insects

6.Lichinki beetle species barbel Prionoplus reticularis

Eat: New Zealand
On the palate: a peanut butter
Preparation: eaten raw

edible07 photoguide on edible insects

7. Silkworm

Eat: Vietnam, China, Korea
Tastes: like dried shrimp
Method: boiled or fried

edible08 photoguide on edible insects

8. Tarantulas

Eat: in  Cambodia and Venezuela
Tastes: like a crab
How to cook: fried in oil with salt and sugar

edible09 photoguide on edible insects

9. Dragonflies

Eat: Indonesia
On the palate: a crab
Method: boiled or fried

edible10 photoguide on edible insects

10. Defenders

Eat: Mexico
Tastes: like cinnamon
Preparation: milled with chili or as a filling for tacos

edible11 photoguide on edible insects

11. Palm weevil:

Eat: in Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia
The taste: as coconut, if raw, and as bacon, if cooked
Preparation: raw or roasted on skewers in the form of

edible12 photoguide on edible insects

12. Termites

Eat: In West Africa, Australia, parts of South America
Tastes: like carrots
Preparation: roast

edible13 photoguide on edible insects

13. Cockroaches

Eat: Thailand
On the palate: salty with fruity flavor
Preparation: fried with spicy sauce or steamed

edible14 photoguide on edible insects

14. Grasshoppers

Eat: Mexico
The taste: salty and spicy
Preparation: fried with chili and lime

edible15 photoguide on edible insects

15. Ant eggs

Eat: In  Mexico
On the palate: oily and like nuts
Method: boiled or fried in butter, eat normally in tacos

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