Best photos of animals from around the world this week

OddStuffMagazine made for you a selection of the best photographs of animals from around the world over the last week. Let’s look together, these stunning photographs that distract from the everyday hustle and plunge us into another world.

1. The expert holds the cat during an international cat show in Minsk. (© Reuters / Vasily Fedosenko)

An expert holds a cat during "The best cat of Belarus" international cat exhibition in Minsk

2. The shepherd leads the flock in the fog in the suburbs of Beijing. (© Getty Images)


3. The newborn pygmy hippopotamus at the zoo Zoological Society of London. 28-year-old female named Flora, which presented a gift to the zoo, is suffering from cancer. (© PA Wire)


4. Bald eagle missed its prey on the Mississippi River, Rock Island, United States. (© Getty Images)


5. lizard and snail are introduced on a branch in Jakarta, Indonesia. (© Barcroft Media)


6. merganser holding a fish in its beak in Gangneung, South Korea. (© EPA)


7. Turtle in Truk Lagoon, Micronesia. (© Barcroft Media)


8. Crab on the beach in West Bengal, India. (© Barcroft India)


9. Grey seals in Norfolk, England. (© Rex Features)


10. Finch in search of food in the snow in Stirling, Scotland. (© Getty Images)


11. Fox runs past the house in Downing Street. (© AFP Photo)


12. Green Mamba in the Munich zoo. (© Reuters)

Photos of the day - January 14, 2015

13. Tasmanian Devil named Conrad inside its housing in the San Diego Zoo. (© AFP Photo)


14. Employees of the zoo chimpanzees were given popsicles to help endure the heat, the zoo of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (© AFP Photo)


15. Panda at the zoo in Hangzhou, China. (© Barcroft Media)

A Panda Bear Seen In A Zoo In Hangzhou, China

16. A polar bear is in the Munich zoo. (© Reuters)

A Polar bear rests in its enclosure at Munich's Hellabrunn Zoo

17. Black swan swimming in a partly frozen pond in a park in Ankara. (© Reuters)

A black swan swims in a partly frozen pond at Kugulu Park in Ankara

18. Giant Panda playing on a swing in a park after a snowfall wildlife in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. (© Reuters)

A giant panda plays on a swing after snowfall at a wildlife park in Kunming

19. Little girl watching river dolphins that swim in the aquarium of the zoo in Duisburg, Germany. (© AP Photo)

APTOPIX  Germany Zoo Inventory

20. Elephants play with fir trees at the zoo in Prague. (© AP Photo)

Czech Republic Zoo

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