Pope Benedict’s Ridiculous Imitations

Making parodies of actors and other well famed people is not a new thing. But what if, this time it’s the most reverenced personality of the world. What if, it’s Pope Benedict? It must be shocking and bizarre for sure. But just take a look on them. I think you will also enjoy a lot.

1. Yes the man is finally here. Will Smith and Pope will rock the world.

will smith and pope
2. This is for the real world sinners. So, be careful.

Pope Benedict’s Ridiculous Imitations
3. Lord of the Rings is back but now with a new actor. Pope you are really scary.

4. Yes, it’s real. Everyone commits mistakes, so did Pope.

prisoner benedict
5. The new 300 superstar. This Spartan is bolder and stronger than the old one.

this is sparta - vatican
6. Finally his child dream came true. He is in space at last.

pope nasa astronaut
7. Yes his previous injuries were serious, that’s why he is scar Pope.

scarfate the movie
8. The Undertaker’s biggest competitor is about to start his career in WWE.

9. O my god.


10. Now there is no need of this rubber anymore as Pope said no to it. Population can’t be checked now.


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