The most popular gadgets of modern times

When the first push-button gadgets, everyone wanted to buy an unpretentious device to sense that he has a certain superpower, status and significance. Over the years there have been hundreds of devices of various kinds, and some of them are long-standing. They do not get bored, and are all the same demand, except that in the form of a new model. We offer an overview of the most popular gadgets of our time – old and new.



Successful premiere gadget awaits the products Apple, but many doubted that such a small device will be able to download and play music. All feared that users will have problems with loading and transfer music to your computer. But the company with the help of a strong marketing concept was able to win the market.

TV remote control


The first TV remote control invented Corporation “Zenith Radio” in 1950, and it was called “lazy.” A wireless remote has been created by Eugene Polley in 1955, it was called “Fleshmatik.”

MP3 player


Streaming audio and data storage technologies were new in the 20th century. In 1995, the Fraunhofer Institute developed the audio format MPEG-1, which was built in portable devices such as MP3 players.

Electric hand mixer



This at first glance is not supertehnikoy, but until electric hand mixer, hand mixer was simple joy. Convenience – this is the key point of any invention, therefore, expected that instead of various beaters should appear more modern gadget. Electric mixer were among the first electrical appliances used in the kitchen.



Robert Johnsons and Michael Boehm invented a device for cooking healthy meals to reduce the fat content in meat, speed up the cooking process. The gadget went on sale in 1994 under the title «George Foreman».

Video recorder


When the first video recorders at an affordable price, everyone was overjoyed. The first gadget will appear in 1956 and cost about $ 50 000. Their customers have become television, and in 1963, Sony based on the idea Ampex created the budget version, the value of which at the time was 1,000 dollars.




While dot matrix printers were invented in 1968, they became popular later, when thanks to their affordable prices could buy almost everyone. Larger companies could afford expensive laser printer for higher quality. And now we are talking about 3D printers.

Food processor


Pierre Verdon was the inventor of the food processor in 1971, which was called Le Magi-Mix. Previously, he also invented a food processor for restaurants, Robot-Coupe. The popularity gained by Cuisinart Charles Sonteymera, as was an improved version of the harvester Verdon. First car introduced in 1973, has many years have passed, and the device remains popular.

Wii game console


There are many different consoles, but when in 2006 there was a video game console Wii, players, fans armed with remote controllers with three dimensions. Today, every year there is a novelty, and the company has released a Wii console is already the seventh generation.

The iPad


For the first Apple introduced the iPad tablet in 2010. It was a device more than the iPod, but due to the size used as a mini computer with all the features. Today, the company has released several improved versions and the existing competition has contributed to lower prices on the device, making it more accessible.

Electric Shaver


According to historians, the first razor appeared about 18,000 years BC The invention of the electric shaver is not only easier, but also made him a better and more secure. Electric shaver was patented by Col.Jacob Schick, and in 1937, Remington Rand Corporation released an improved version. Professor Alexander Horowitz from the laboratory of Phillips was the author of modern models.

Cell phone


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