A Portrait Painted by a Basket Ball.

“What is basketball?” Everybody knows that, the answer is obvious. But creative people can find any non-standard use of ordinary things. Like a young artist from Shanghai,Hong painted a portrait with a basketball, of a famous Chinese basketball player Yao Ming. To do so, except for the ball, the girl took a bit of paint and two hours of time …

(6 Photos and 1 Video)

1. In the Middle Kingdom artist became famous because she paints with ketchup, milk, salt, seeds, and even shirts.Basket Ball painting of foodball player (1)

2. This time the  artist’s choice fell on the basketball. she chose an appropriate – “nastukala” a portrait of NBA player of Chinese origin.Basket Ball painting of foodball player (2)

3. Yao Ming – Chinese basketball player, who ended his professional career. He played for the team, “Houston Rockets” (NBA) At the time of appearances in the NBA he was the highest player in the league, his height was 2.29 meters.Basket Ball painting of foodball player (3)

4. And Hun showed an unusual technique of painting using a basketball instead of a brush.Basket Ball painting of foodball player (4)

5. Over after two hours of work on the portrait, girl  few times released the ball from hand to consult  the photograph.Basket Ball painting of foodball player (5)

6. The result of the work is impressive. As recognized by the artist herself – she took the lessons of basketball in high school, she was very handy with it.Basket Ball painting of foodball player (6)

Check out the video: