Know where you stand by Seth Taras Portraying When Past = Present

Famous international channel The History Channel to create One of ITS Advertising Campaigns, Invited American Photographer Seth Taras. As A result of the Campaign WAS Created by an amazing project Called “Know WHERE you Stand” (Know Where You Stand). it is based on series of Photographs in Which the well-Known Images of Historical events are superimposed on A photo of the Same PLACE, has Made Our ​​day. Angles pictures are perfectly matched, so very Impressive Get A MIX of modernity and the Ghosts of the past.


1. The crash of the airship LZ 129 “Hindenburg” (May 6, 1937)

This young man walks with his dog just at the point where the 6 May 1937 the Biggest airship CrasheD His time “Hindenburg”. The airship Made A transatlantic flight from Germany to the US, But DURING the Approach caught Fire and exploded. As A result of this accident killed 35 people out of 97 aboard and one person from those who worked on the ground.


2. The landing of Allied troops in Normandy (June 6, 1944)

In this photo Mother and daughter Searching for interesting stones and shells on the beach of the French commune of Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer (Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer). It is here That June 6, 1944 began conducting amphibious operations ” neptune “. On this beach DURING the first day of British Troops Landing HAD to withstand the Attack of German Tanks, and then to Overcome A very strong line of defense, Which WAS equipped for the coastal Strip.


3. In this photo Adolf Hitler posing against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower.

Thanks to the perfect angle photos Match Seth Look frighteningly realistic and completely make A Different way to Perceive the Famous resort Areas. All Advertising Campaign channel The History Channel WAS designed to Ensure That people are Interested in the History of the places WHERE They Live and WHERE they often are.


4. The famous Berlin Wall – the former GDR state border with West Berlin.

Famous Magazine Luerzer’s Archive, working with Experts of the Advertising Industry, living in Different Countries of the World, reckons Seth Taras to One of the Best representatives of His Profession. It is interesting to Note That Seth is A Self-Taught Photographer and learned All the secrets of the Profession Independently. Project “Know WHERE you Stand” Brought A photograph of the Cannes ‘Golden Lion’ and Broadcast Advertising Campaign channel Held in 130 countries.

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