Amazing Aerial photographs from Botswana by Zack Seckler

A fresh look at the African savannah submit photos Zack Seckler in a series of aerial photographs from Botswana, where he was able to capture the pristine beauty of Africa.Viewed from above, with a height of not more than five hundred feet above the ground, salted water bodies, vegetation and animals seem to be fabulous. Therefore photos Zach so different from thousands of other photographers captured the usual savannah landscapes. In this issue we have collected unique pictures of the African savannah in the lens Zack Seckler.

1. The idea of ​​creating this series of photos appeared Zack accidentally. During his stay in Botswana, associated with the implementation of other projects, the photographer had some free time, and he asked his client to show him the local attractions. And he offered Zach walk over savanna on the plane. Zach was so impressed by what he saw that he decided to go back and make a series of landscapes with a bird’s-eye view. (Photo: Zack Seckler)


2. All pictures were taken with ultralight aircraft from a height of about 150 meters, so the image of them is an entirely different point of view than the hundreds of other well-known photographs of African landscapes.


3. Due to the unique perspective, objects that are invisible to those who are on the ground, the plane are presented in great detail.


4. “When you fly above the earth at such low altitudes, it is possible to maneuver – it was like slipping on the picture,” – described his impressions photographer.


5. Zack Seckler was born in Boston and studied his craft at Syracuse University.


6. Later, he moved to New York and began his career as a photojournalist. His work can be seen in publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire and New York Magazine.


7. According to the photographer, the inspiration came to him in a variety of aspects – from the happy moments on the streets of New York to delight paintings of de Chirico and Magritte.


8. “Anything that gives me the opportunity to see the world differently, creativity overwhelms me.”


9. Zack Seckler other works can be found on his website –


10. Botswana Bath – striped zebra contrast sharply with the milky water and emerald moss.


11. Wanderlust. Lonely cow is bathed in a milky green water.


12. Green delta in the lens Zack Seckler.


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