How to produce chips Lay’s

The heroine Hope Rumyantsev – Tossia of the legendary film “Girls” on the move could list 15 dishes of potatoes: fried, boiled, mashed potatoes, french fries, pie, pies and cakes, rolls, pudding, braised with prunes stewed with bay leaf and pepper young boiled with dill and so on.We want to talk about another product, perhaps the most popular in our time – potato chips.

Bigpikche had the opportunity to see firsthand the entire production process is absolutely chips Lay’s – from harvesting to shipping to retail chains. And now we can confidently say that we know about all the chips! Well, almost everything


But to begin with a little history. Chips Lay’s, the production process which we, in fact, examined, available since 1938. Today the company “PepsiCo” (which they own brand Lay’s in 1965) is one of the leading manufacturers of salty snacks in the world as well as in Russia.Lay’s potato chips deliveries to Russia began in the mid-90s, in 2002, opened its first factory in the Moscow region Kashira, and in 2010 was the opening of a second plant in the city of Azov (Rostov region).


1. Bigpikcha arrived to inspect one of the agricultural enterprises in the Rostov region.


2. The first and perhaps the most important problem faced by the company “PepsiCo” at the opening of the production of chips in Russia – the lack of raw materials. 10-15 years ago in Russia chipsovy potatoes are grown at all. Farmers supplying only traditional varieties that were suitable only for cooking, frying, starch production, etc.


3. It is little known, but all over the world for the manufacture of chips suitable only 7 types of potatoes grown in Russia and only three of them – “Lady Rosetta”, “Hermes” and “Saturn”.What is the difference from ordinary potatoes chipsovogo? The latter is much denser in structure, and there is almost no sugar. To make it absolutely clear – with roasted potatoes such does not fall apart, does not darken, and gets a nice golden color. Therefore, if you decide to try to cook chips at home from the usual table potatoes, it is likely that you will simply fried potatoes, and not crispy golden slices By the way, did you know that one kilogram of potatoes obtained 300 grams of potato chips? That is, in the normal bundle “Leis” about three potato tuber.


4. How to grow potatoes this chipsovoy? As the largest industry in our country potato processor, the company was originally headed for maximum localization of production, and in 2002 began to implement their own agroprogrammu aimed at supporting Russian farmers.And the fact that our agriculture should be supported, probably none of you is beyond doubt.


5. What is the support? In fact, this whole set of measures: first, farmers provided financial assistance (through interest-free loans for the purchase of seed, the necessary equipment for the cultivation and storage of potatoes).


6. Secondly, assists with the acquisition of high-quality imported seed potatoes (as you know, a very important aspect, which depends very much). Powered whole brigade agrospetsialistov who advise farmers on the fields: how to plant, grow, how to clean and preserve the harvest, that is, cover the full range of necessary work. As a result, the average yield of potatoes from suppliers of “PepsiCo” is 25 tons per hectare, which is almost twice higher than the national average – 13 tons per hectare. Surprised? We are not very


7. To harvest received as little as possible damage during assembly, a special device – electronic potatoes. This “potato spy” from the ground (where he previously put caring farmers) hits the harvester. It is thanks to this device potato pickers determine if everything is OK with the crop during harvest or need to adjust the machine to potato “did not receive extra bruises.”


8. Today, more than 85% of the potatoes supplied to the plants of the company, is grown in Russia. Each year, the company acquires more than 250 thousand tons!


9. And, of course, is to say about the people. As is known, nor how much money to invest, but if there are no qualified local personnel, all efforts will be in vain. That is why “PepsiCo” has developed a program to support agricultural higher education, which was launched in 2008.Under this program, students stimulate the study of agricultural specialties, and the best of them provide grants.


10. Next cleaned potatoes are brought to the factory where and unload such devious way.Every day here is discharged nine 20-ton truck with potatoes! A year is made up of 50 thousand tons of chips (about 4000 as African elephants).


11. Then, the conveyor belt it falls into the washing machine, which is used for cleaning recirculated water (water that is reused in the process cycle). After washing already supplied for temporary storage bins – special containers from which is fed as needed for manufacture.


12. Visually 3 basic steps: cleaning, cutting and frying. As you can see – everything as simple as possible and nothing more. Absolutely natural product.


13. Immediately after cutting the potato slices are fed to roasting, and receive basic chips.


14. After cooking chips become one of the unique flavors of Lay’s. By the way, in a portfolio of brands exist as international bestsellers, which are sold all over the world (salt, cheese, bacon, green onions), and tastes that can only be bought in Russia (crab, salted cucumbers, mushrooms and sour cream).


15. Of course, the plant is subject to regular quality control of products. Check everything, and at each stage: incoming potatoes, cleaning and cutting processes, basic chips, just coming out of the oven and fully wrapped packages.


16. Ready package comes with chips on the line at the packing.


17. Operators manually folded bags in a carton.


18. And then the box with chips stacked on pallets and transported to ogro-of-the-ohm warehouse.


19. Location and sent to retail chains and distributors.


20. Here’s a he, the way chips

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