Programmer’s Life ????

Programmer’s Life ????

A Life of a programmer you must see…

That’s what the testers needed


Product must constantly evolve

first test under Wii games

even when not needed crutch

Easter eggs and gash himself on her Sticky

Customer is trying to find programmers for a ridiculous price

Was confident that the bugs are not a lot, but here comes the error report

When the program is written in haste still held release

Actual¬†version Drag’n’Drop

When the query returns more than expected

Ooooh! This feature me and most need

Written and sent to skype without checking layout


Someone walking down the hall after the beginning of your presentation

Already upset that I do not have time for the deadline, and then …)

Ask a less experienced colleague to help deal with the technology, in which he has filled his hand)


Trying to apply the experience with previous work, the non-IT)

Accidentally delete a working repository of computer

When accounting for the fifth time on the day breaks the Internet.

Search for optimal development tools.

Unhappy customer you will find anywhere ..

Got junk manual.

Yahoo! Met the deadline. But …

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