10 Amazing Projects that Combine Art & Science

Sometimes the combination of art and science creates bizarre discoveries like from clothing made by bacterial activity, to women who want to have a shark. We offer examples of this interaction to show how thin is the line between Art and Science.

10. Paper Sculpture

Paper sculpture

That is until the 38-year-old Chinese artist places his hands on one, lifts gently, and what had seemed like solid plaster transforms into a live, amorphous mass. A roman soldier stretches like elastic, a pretty English maid suddenly rises like a terrible phantasm. They are neither plaster nor clay, but concertinas of thousands of fine pieces of paper.”At the beginning, I discovered the flexible nature of paper through Chinese paper toys and paper lanterns. Later, I used this to make a gun. A gun is solid, used for killing, but I turned it into a tool for play or for decoration. In this way, it lost both the form of a gun, and the culture inherent to a gun. It became a game,” he said.

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9. “Wooden Animals on Beaches”

Animal with wooden sticks

Numerous specimen of the Strandbeest evolution on music of Khachaturian’s Spartacus. It open the archives of fossils. Theo Jansen’s work since 1990. He tries to make new forms of live on beaches. His animals get their energy from the wind so they don’t have to eat. In the future he wants to put out in herds.

8. Mushroom Burial Suit

Here’s a powerful provocation from artist Jae Rhim Lee. Can we commit our bodies to a cleaner, greener Earth, even after death? Naturally — using a special burial suit seeded with pollution-gobbling mushrooms. Yes, this just might be the strangest TEDTalk you’ll ever see

7. Little House on the Moon

House on the Moon

Swedish artist and entrepreneur Mikael Genberg wants to build a self-constructing home, specifically a trademark Swedish cottage, red with white gables. Complicating matters just a bit, he really hopes to build it on the Moon. The initial idea for “The Moonhouse Project” arose nearly 15 years ago when Genberg learned of the Swedish space industry’s plan to build a satellite that would orbit the Moon. Why not, Genberg thought, brighten up the barren lunar landscape with some traditional Swedish architecture? The impossible dream has been in development since 2003, becoming more and more real every day. Read More

6. Metal Lover – GROW YOUR OWN: 24-karat gold

The Great Work of the Metal Lover by Adam W. Brown (US) is a live biochemical installation that transposes the alchemist’s historical attempt to synthesise gold into the present, and combines it with today’s increasing interest in primitive but robust organisms that played a crucial role in the origin of life on Earth — extremophiles. Extremophiles are microorganisms that are able to survive and flourish in physically and/or chemically extreme conditions that would kill most of the life on our planet. It is believed that extremophiles hold the key to understanding how life may have originated due to their unique ability to metabolise toxic substances like uranium, arsenic and gold chloride. They are currently being studied in order to transform them into cleaning devices for industrial sites that mankind has polluted with heavy metals and other toxic substances.

5. Soap made from human Fat via liposuction

This installation by Miami-based artist Orestes De La Paz which explores objectification of the body. In this video Orestes talks us through his experience of liposuction, documenting the process and making soap from the fat retrieved. Over the course of our opening weekend of FAT: IT’S DELICIOUS, Orestes invited the public to wash their hands with the soap.

4. RAIN room

rAndom International’s Rain Room exhibition at MoMA as part of MoMA PS1’s EXPO 1: New York allows visitors to navigate through rain without ever getting wet. Each individual’s movement within the installation affects rain patterns, carving a cocoon of dryness and allowing visitors to stay dry amidst downpour.
Learn more: http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/bl…

3. The Treachery of Sanctuary

Aesthetic value of conventional paintings or sculptures may not be understood by everyone who looks at them. But interactive art that draws the viewer into a dialogue, can convey its meaning, content, and it is clear to all. At the heart of interactive communication is a 3D rig, which copies the movement of man, figure it out, and as a shadow, in different versions, displays. The idea belongs to Chris Milk, who wanted to draw people’s attention to the philosophy of birth, death and transfiguration through their direct participation in the process. Nine-screen display with white color, which occur with shadow manipulation, three sensors to copy human movement and the special 3D program – a constituent unit. On the first panel display human shadow acquires the image of flying birds, which symbolizes birth and the human and artistic inspiration. On the second panel of birds suddenly become aggressive and attack the shadow of a man – the concept of cruelty. In the third panel from the human shadow grow giant wings – symbol of death.

2. Machine that produces real excrement(shit), similar to human.

And it sells, so if you don’t know yet, you can sell your shit as well 🙂

1. MEART The Semi Living Artist

MEART The Semi Living Artist has the ability to sense the outside world through a camera that acts as its eyes. It has the ability to process what it sees through the neurons that act as its brain. It has the ability to react accordingly through the robotic drawing arm that acts as its body. The Internet functions as its nervous system. MEART is a geographically detached entity.

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