Protesters and riot police clash near the US embassy in Egypt

1. Egyptians angry at a film they said was blasphemous to Islam hurled stones at a line of police in Cairo blocking the route to the US embassy, where demonstrators climbed the walls and tore down the American flag earlier this week.

2. The Muslim Brotherhood, the group that propelled President Mohammed Morsi to power, had called for a peaceful nationwide.

3. Behind the police line, the authorities had erected a wall of large concrete blocks barring access to the fortress-like embassy, 

4. Some Egyptians have been angered by the violence. One picture circulating on Facebook showed a burnt out car accompanied.

5. A riot policeman tries to jump a fence after being attacked by protesters

6. Riot police take cover from stones that were thrown by protesters near the American embassy

7. Riot policemen collect stones during clashes with protesters along a road leading to the US embassy, near Tahrir Square

8. Police in riot gear take cover and throw stones at protesters

9. Protesters take cover during clashes with riot police near the US embassy in Cairo

10. Protesters help an injured man