Puma Came to Visit the Cat (10)

Puma Came to Visit the Cat

11-year-old male Maine Coon from American town Boulder recently met with an unusual guest – Puma. Thank God, this couple shared a solid glass door. take a look…

 Puma came to visit the cat1. 11-year-old Zeus himself  lived quietly in a private house of his mistress Gail Lavman.
 Puma came to visit the cat
2. But one night he broke the quiet life of a strange visitor from the outside.
 Puma came to visit the cat3. A young mountain lion came to Gail home in Pine Brook Lavman Hills.
 Puma came to visit the cat4. First, cats – domesticated and wild – and sniffed at each other through the glass door.
 Puma came to visit the cat5. Then the cougar decided to scare the little Zeus, as if to show who is “at home” host.
 Puma came to visit the cat6. Trying to somehow break through the strange transparent barrier …
 Puma came to visit the cat7 …. Puma realized that all attempts are unsuccessful and retreated.
 Puma came to visit the cat8. Zeus, it seems, did not understand who he was and what “it” wishes.
 Puma came to visit the cat9. At that time Mistress of Zeus was in my office when I suddenly heard a strange sound from the living room.

 Puma came to visit the cat

10. After a brief encounter with a cat, cougar take some time standing in the yard with Gail stone statue depicting her own relative.

 Puma came to visit the cat11. This couple looks great.
 Puma came to visit the cat12. Puma – the second largest member of the family cats in America, it only larger jaguar.
 Puma came to visit the cat13. It seems a young mountain lion brought help.
 Puma came to visit the cat14. The cat reaches a length of 100-180 cm, tail length 60-75 cm, height at withers 61-76 cm and weighing 105 kg (males).
 Puma came to visit the cat15. Cougars are strictly solitary (except for a pair of 1-6 days mating period and mothers with kittens).


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One thought on “Puma Came to Visit the Cat”

  1. Yeah, this is what happens when humans insist upon invading the wild. If that house cat had been killed, everybody would be screaming for the puma’s blood. Like those morons who tramp into the wild, disturb a bear cub and are killed by mamma. Everybody screams that the mother bear must be put down. BULLSHIT. If you don’t want to encounter wildlife then leave animals alone. People love the wilderness but just won’t understand that they’re destroying the very thing they love by invading it.

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