Puppies Have Found a Host

The amazing story of how ordinary mutts who lived next to the media center in Sochi in 2014, and became Olympic host found.

Five days ago We found at the entrance of the media center of Krasnaya Gorka purebred puppies. Baby lived there with a temporary structure.

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And today we learned that American Gus Kenworthy sloupstaylist found these puppies and decided to take them with you!

“I love dogs, and I can say that I’ve never seen a more lovely dogs. I hope I can take them back to America “- wrote in his twitter athlete. Around here – it is serious and has even signed up for vaccinations.

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Gus Kenworthy had already won the silver medal of the Olympics. And now, most likely, will take away not only in the U.S. Olympic medal, but these lovely mongrels also become Olympic!

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