Puppy Bowl IX starting lineup revealed

1. Agatha, a 9-week-old miniature pinscher, loves to be the center of attention and “get everyone going.

2. Althea, a 9-week-old Australian shepherd/Catahoula mix, loves to play and snuggle.

3. Arlo, a 10-week-old Labrador retriever/collie mix, is originally from South Carolina.

4. Aurora, a 10-week-old Siberian husky/retriever mix, loves to “play, play, play.”

5. Bessie, a 13-week-old Catahoula leopard dog mix, “always keeps people pinned.”

6. Biscuit is a 12-week-old Puerto Rican Sato whose mom is Julia Roberts–so she is clearly destined for greatness.

7. Blitz, an 11-week-old terrier mix, rode a plane, subway and taxi in less than 24 hours to take part in the Puppy Bowl.

8. Butterscotch, a 12-week-old Puerto Rican sato, was rescued off a beach on the island called “Dead Dog.”

9. Cash, a 15-week-old pit bull, loves belly rubs.

10. Chesnut, a 9-week-old Labrador retriever/Australian shepherd mix, loves to play and snuggle.