Reality or defect Film? The Most Famous Photos of Ghosts

Many of us are Skeptical and do not Believe That Ghosts really exist, or even more May Appear in Photographs. But the Stories are A few Cases When the Photographs from Different years appeared Vague outlines of Faces and figures of people.

Many of Them Were Seen in the first half of the Twentieth century, When no template existed. So what WAS it really? Fans of Esoterica sure That Spirits of the Dead, and rationalists Argue That this is Just A reflection of the Light. But better make up their minds about these strange phenomena: here a selection of the most famous photographs from “ghosts.”


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One of the most popular photos with “ghost” was made ​​in 1919. On A Group Photo of the Crew of the ship “Daedalus” for one of the men is Seen face. Claimed That this person Mechanics Freddie, WHO died A few days before , Fell Under the propeller blades. In the day When Photo WAS taken, Were Buried Freddie. THUS Man allegedly wanted to Say goodbye to friends and colleagues His.


In 1959, Mabel Chinnery WAS returning from the cemetery, WHERE He visited His Mother’s Grave. She Decided to Take A picture of her husband, WHO WAS Waiting for her in the car.The photograph Clearly Shows That in the backseat someone is. Mabel Easily IDENTIFIED in an Unknown Figure, His Mother A WHO died few years ago. Experts have studied the Long Photo and concluded That there WAS no manipulation of it WAS Carried out.


This photo dates from 1966 When A Man Decided to Capture the beautiful spiral Staircase Museum of Greenwich in the UK. When development on the photos appeared Silhouette of A Man Climbing the Stairs. About Maritime Museum Greenwich Often Say That there is wandering Evil Spirits. Many visitors hear strange sounds and see the transparent human figures.


In November 1995, DURING A Major Fire Burned Building Town Hall Vem in one of the counties of Great Britain. While the House WAS burning, none of the firefighters did not See the little Girl WHO then appeared on the developed Film. Skeptics Claim That the image Could BE Obtained in this Because of the smoke, and the scattered Light. But such Would A person Could Get A Girl Just Because of the smoke? It Turned out That in 1677 the building has burned, with fire culprit was fourteen Jane, who WAS Among the Dead. Perhaps her ghost wanders the Native Still places, scaring the locals.


Terry Ike Clanton Decided to photograph the cemetery Bathill His Friend. During working A Photo shoot in the Territory only That Were, But the photograph Clearly Shows A Third person – A very Small Man in A black Hat. Its growth is Still Haunted by the experts – a man kneeling, or it comes out of the grave.



Photographer Chris Brackley while walking through London went to the church of St.Botolph, WHERE in addition to it being only A few parishioners. The photograph Shows A Silhouette of the woman on the right on the balcony. Chris WAS very Surprised, Because in this Place DURING the shoot nobody.


Photo taken the WAS DURING the US Civil War. Eyewitnesses Say That the photograph WAS manifested Silhouette War Dead soldier.


Michael Meehan and James Courtney Killed accidentally on oil Tankers Watertown DURING the next Flight. Traditionally Sailors Buried at sea. After the Funeral, the Other members of the Crew Began to Notice A person WHO died in the waves That radiate at the Stern of the ship . The Captain Asked the Crew to photograph this unusual Phenomenon. The result is before you.


And this WAS Photo taken after A terrible car Accident. White Cloud is very Similar to the A Silhouette of person walking from the car to the Other Side. Perhaps the photograph Captures the soul of the deceased, WHO HAD Just Come out of the body.


This photo of a young mother with a baby was made ​​for the family archive in 1930. If you Look around the barn Door CAN BE Seen A Man in old-fashioned clothes and Hat on His head. A few years later Under the Foundation of the house was found the skeleton of a man.

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