Really a Adorable Story of a Little Hero, Just read it Ones….

When you will read this story I am sure you will get a Aaawwwww feeling but you must read this, Really Adorable….

Little Hero

Really a Adorable Story of a Little Hero, Just read it ones...
One boy is very incomplete six years waiting for the birth of little sister. Sister was born at term, but with a very big problems. Urgently needed blood transfusion rare group for newborns who for medical reasons was most convenient to take the older brother.
Parents asked the kid:
– Would you give your blood for little sister?
Boy was not the childish serious thought and then said:
– And it will help her to stay alive?
– Yes, then she will live.
– And can I think to evening?
– Sure you can.
evening kid flatly declared:
– I agree.
When in the hospital, the boy took the blood, he looked very frightened. Nurse carefully hid his blanket:
– You’re done! Lie down now.
– Aunt, and how many minutes I die?
turned, the boy thought that he needed all his blood and giving it, he immediately dies. Little hero with a big heart decided to die for the sake of the long-awaited sister.