Fascinating Landscapes: stunning scenery photo collection

Sometimes, in the bustle of the pressing problems and stressful working days, people completely forget what a stunning place they live. Earth with its incredibly diverse and beautiful natural wonder in itself is a miracle. A collection of fascinating landscapes is a reminder of the greatness of unattainable beauty around us.




Dustin Farrell – a photographer who spent the whole four years on a journey, during which he had made ​​a huge number of amazing shots of natural landscapes. Dustin was able through his work to reveal the incomparable beauty of the world around us, and at the same time to remind his audience immersed in urgent cares and worries about the stunning grandeur of nature. Magnificent scenery, captured in pictures Farrell, give a unique opportunity even for a moment to step back from everyday household problems and get indescribable aesthetic pleasure.



Most of the photos were taken during a trip to Dustin Utah and Arizona, namely in protected parks Goblin Valley State Park ( Goblin Valley State Park ), and Natural Bridges ( Natural Bridges National Monument ).






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